I Just Watched...The Town

Well I just watched the town. I finally caved to all the hype about it and streamed it up on my xbox and let me tell you I was impressed. Ben Affleck directed, wrote and stared in this 2010 crime film about a certain neighbourhood in Boston called Charlestown where the majority of bank robbers in the general Chicago area all come from.

The story can be a bit wordy sometimes but The Town makes up for it by its intense action scenes and many twists along the route of this gang of bank robbers. The amount of guns in this movie gave me a half chub but still managed to be serious and not over the top and with every skirmish I felt myself gripping my couch more as I became connected with Ben and his friends.

Its well shot with mostly safe shots and no Michael Bay moments which was absolutely fantastic. I highly suggest you all check out The Town



erics said...

great movie. the contrast between the brothers gave a great element to the film.

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