Wallpapers 0028

Uhh we got lots of greens! plus some added treats

Green apple background I got plenty of these!

mm nice green swirl leaves or something along those lines

green stripe background

lightspeed with a green twing

...and a red general grievous. I like the original not going to lie

A beautiful winding river over some prairie flatland.

Nice contrast between the red rock and extra blue sky.

This reminds me of a grotto in Tobermory Ontario. The water was so clear and so piercing cold that when u jumped off the cliff into the cave and hit the water your lungs exploded. Was cool

Would not want to run into this in the middle of the night

Speed bumps in the earths crust

An oldie but a good one. What I wouldnt give to be able to sit there and stare out and think

not sure what city this is...but this photo could defiantly be a bit better if the horizon wasn't directly in the middle of the picture. Or if the buildings protruded into the sky a bit more


A Hermit said...

Thanks for the walls, I like green too

Das Auto! said...

i like the second from last pic too, i want a cabin on a lake like that

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