Funny spoof

a very valid point

Starcraft isnt chess

Heres a great article about the comparison between starcraft 2 and chess. I hope you check it out and head on over to wellplayed for the full article
There’s one comparison in particular that everyone uses when trying to explain StarCraft II to their friends and family. “It’s like Chess,” or, “StarCraft II is the Chess of the computer generation.” It’s an easy way to help non-gamers understand why we enjoy playing StarCraft II and the kind of high-level thinking that is required to excel at the game. It’s not a bad comparison – it gets the job done in most situations – but how accurate is it? Other than the basic concept of controlling pieces in order to outmaneuver and defeat other pieces, is there anything else we can take from Chess and apply to StarCraft? While Chess may be the most accessible analogy, is there perhaps a better board game analogy to be found?

Be Like Ted

New music video

Hey heres a video by a bunch of my friends in the production program at the university of windsor. Tell me what you think!

Now with pants

I want to go there!

New mastodon!

I just Watched...A Town Called Panic

Omfg. My brain is mush. This film is like an hour long childs toy commercial gone insanely amazing. If you like Tim and Eric, or Adventure Time or anything on Adult Swim you need to check out A Town Called Panic NOW! So the story is about a toy cowboy a toy indian and a toy horse who go on a crazy adventure. It sounds stupid but it is perhaps one of the most well crafted stop motion films ive ever seen. What are you doing!! download it now

Theater: OMFY
Download: Yes
Stream: Yes
Buy: Yes
Pass: No

I just watched...Super 8

I Just watched super eight. Yes after being disappointed and only getting to see the first five minutes of the film before the projector broke I finally got to go and see the wildly hyped J. J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg syfy film. Ill get to the meat of the sandwich quick and say that this is a fantastic film, and that I heavily enjoyed it, however I wouldn’t say it’s a ten out of ten yet. So here we go.

I want to go there!

I want to go there!

fuck yeah id listen to this

Cooking while drunk

Starwars in planes

So neat

Team fortress 2

Wow so its 415 am and i have an exam in 12 hours. I really should of gone to sleep two hours ago but ive been playing team fortress 2 which just became free on steam. this gam eis so fun and so addicting time flies hence the 415. if you have steam and have the game add me WIFIHIGHFIVE cool? cool!

a piece of wood

This is totally true and why I hate house

This seems like a cool camp

i want

Question of the day: Bikes on roads

So now that summer officially has begun for a couple weeks now most of my traveling has been via bike. Being right by the university makes it easy and means that my commute is seven minutes verses half an hour. This morning while biking over to my friends house I passed several other bikers who yelled at me to get on the sidewalk. I always bike on the road as I feel that once you reach the age of 18 bikers are expected to bike one the road. Ive biked along very busy roads with traffic wizzing past me with never a complaint or honk of protest. Yes its more dangerous but im not in the mood to dip and doodle around people on the sidewalk.

What do you think, should bikers be on the side of the road or on the side walk?

What if?

Milk and the Milk Men

Hey yall hows it going.
Im currently sitting downtown in Milk listening to the pretty groovy house band named appropriately The Milk Men. The leader/ Guitar player/ Keysplayer has pretty epic five foot dreds and seems very down to earth. I also discovered my Jazz Voice tonight.

Water for Ink

this changes my perception of painting forever.

Fun link of the day: Spinning dots

okay so im in class and i found this (THIS) and ive been staring at it for the past 10 minutes. if you want to trip or just spin just watch this with music going and if you have it a huge bong toke.

or if you want music provided and more options check out THIS

Bloggity Bot: Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Hey everyone heres a great story about a real life hangover story. head over there to check it out :D

Bloggity Bot: Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: "As I said a couple posts back, I was going to tell you of my uncle's and my aunt's bachelor parties. I got to see them last year. It was the..."

be the man get a tie andd...

Home sweet home

100 points to anyone who can identify whats going on

100 points people!

1001 Movie Quotes: 0054: WALL-E

1001 Movie Quotes: 0054: WALL-E: "Shelby Forthright, BnL CEO : [ Shelby appears onscreen in an old classified recorded message ] Hey there, autopilots. Got some bad news. Um...."

I want to live here

Simpsons Newspapers

One of the best parts of classic simpsons is the awesome newspaper titles. check out a tonne of them after the break. Old man yells at cloud

some men..

The history of email

good morning


well over the past 14 hours or so I have had someone clickbombing the wifihighfive. In case you dont know what that is, its when someone aggressively clicks your adds for dozens or in this case hundreds of time to make your adsence account get banned. So far in the past 14 hours i have had 600 clicks on my adds and have already submitted two tickets to google over the matter. Adsence for me is some extra coin every couple months that go to software or hardware. It really is unfortunate that someone out there wants to ruin that for me

Every Minute

this is dogfort

Wallpapers 49

Who is ready for pretty pictures!

best magazine ever


Another amazing space timelapse

Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks from Daniel Dragon Films on Vimeo.

Bad idea

Wow so if you have been anywhere near the internet or news of any kind you know that last night shit hit the fan in vancouver. The same rioting happened last time in 1994 but this time everyone was filming everything allowing police to track who did what last night pretty easily...I have a feeling that this was a bad idea... I bet that guy will be getting a phone call or a visit from some crime fighters soon

Im from the internet

Go Vancouver

For those who didn't know I am Canadian and have lived in this country for all of my life. Although I dont watch hockey throughout the year when one of the seven canadian hockey teams is in the stanley cup finals i make an effort to join the rest of my country and watch it. Go Vancouver Go!

Edit: they lost lol heres how people reacted

The world is over

Some of my favourite first world problems.

Just imagine what poor people without food in Africa would think of us complaining about stuff like this..

Last night I had too many blankets on my bed and woke up really fucking sweaty

I bent my spoon while scooping very cold ice cream.

I decided not to eat breakfast and just drank a bunch of expensive coffee instead. Now I have a stomach ache.

I cannot type exclamation marks without putting down my coffee.

My steak is too big for my plate so I have to eat one half then go back for the other.

whats your favourite 1st world problem that bothers you?

Sitting at my table

So im sitting at my table downstairs just thinking of a topic to write about. I should be reading my atmosphere and climate book as I'm 90 pages behind but I've already read 20 today and plan to get back to in a little while. Any who I'm looking around my room and I see what appears to be ripples in the wall which I haven't noticed before.

I kinda stare at it for a couple seconds and then journey over to it and it is what I suspected... I horrendous patch job for a hole in my wall. Now I cant say the last time I looked at that spot to make sure that their wasn't a hole as its in a corner which doesn't get much attention but I'm quite sure that when I bought this house two years ago that wasn't there. My mother is a real estate agent and picks up on little details like this and would surely of jumped on this however here we are with a hole in my wall, a shitty patch and no one to get it to fix it. Looking at it now its clear that someone decided to put duck tape on the hole and then paint it. The problem is that the duck tape isn't even smooth its bumpy...which means whoever did this was a complete idiot and didn't know what there were doing.

From all my detective work I have came to the prognosis that my previous room mates put a hole in my wall and decided to cover it up with duck tape. And all this got me distracted from writing an actual long article cause it kinda pisses me off when people don't treat your stuff with respect.

we really are the middle childen

crazy rings ahoy

Digital Empire: Progress Photos of the Disaster in Japan

Digital Empire: Progress Photos of the Disaster in Japan

Some incredible pics right after the disaster in Japan and current development :D

sky diving dancing

its just...constantly moving

Balls of Steel

This guy has balls of steel

fun at the park...

Okay kids go play on the...uh.... never mind kids we're going home now.

3D movies

Pretty much the only 3D movies ive enoyed have been animated (Toy Story 3) or Avatar. 3D has actually been around for a lot longer than that and this info chart  for some cool facts about 3D movies.

I Just watched...Super 8 (kinda)

Kay so first shot is in a factory and a worker takes down the numbers from a couple years without an accident. Then we see a kid sitting alone on a swing set in the middle of winter. Then the projector shut off and wouldn't turn back on so we got two free movie tickets each. Overall not a deep plot but whatever. Kay so technical difficulties are a part of every part of life and occasionally when you go to pay to see a movie something fucks up and your experience is ruined. fortunately for me this happened within the first three minutes of the film but i remember the last time a film fucked up for me was Spider Man 2 when they showed the last ten minutes of the film at the beginning...yeah kinda rude. But anyways the staff made it right and hopefully later this week ill have an actual review.

Share your mix ups at the theatre below :D

One creepy man

What a creepy sculpture.. wouldn't want to wake up to this staring at me in my living room



I remember when I was first hearing rumblings of dubstep i hated it. All the samples were crap and they just wern't my fit. I told many people it was like listening to transformers morphing...then i heard this and wanted to kill myself...

Transformers Dubstep Audio Mix by Saladstep

Turn your headphones up

I Just watched...The Green Hornet

Green Hornet

I finally got around to watching the green hornet staring Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz and Cameron Diaz. This modern telling of 1930s radio program was meant to bring the old and the new together, something all audiences could like. One of my favorite shows Mythbusters even spent an entire episode devoted to it which could mean only one thing right? Wrong, everything is wrong and find out why after the break.

if you can...

five points...

what a super awesome beer

two thumbs up here :D

fun link of the day: umm what

Not sure how to describe this but ...uh check it out here

E3: Star Wars the Old Republic

If you are a regular here on the Wifihighfive then you know how much I love star wars and how pumped I am for the upcoming star wars mmo from Bioware. Even though they pushed back the date to first quarter 2012 this still is worthy of getting excited about. They released the opening cinematic and omfg i need new clothes. I really wish I could in this day and time but alas its just a video game.

E3: From Dust

E3: Kirby

E3: Battlefield 3 in game

E3: Hitman Absolution

By Migrant Fleet: By Migrant Fleet

By Migrant Fleet: By Migrant Fleet: "Welcome to the official By Migrant Fleet blog! We are a new post rock experimental band based out of Windsor Ontario Become a Fan on Faceb..."

E3: Assassins Creed Revelation

Wii U?

So i became a bottle cap

501 POSTS :D

Damn son this week has been filled with milestones.
This one is particularly fun for me as up to a year ago I barely wrote anything at all...and now im churning out more and more every day :D

heres some cool numbers
-59,469 views so far
-39 Wallpaper posts
-33 I Just watched posts
-2 livestreams

some interesting numbers and I promise that every single of these numbers are going to go through the roof. so cheers and thanks for reading

E3: Dead Island

E3: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Here is six minutes of Skyrim footage

E3: Minecraft

E3: Microsoft Press event

Halo 4
Halo combat evolved
Forza 4
Ghost Recon: Future Solider
Minecraft for Xbox
Kinect games galore

As a Xbox owner it was very exciting to watch what the next year is going to bring into my living room in terms of gaming, tv, internet and everything in between. watch the stream of the Microsoft Press Event which ended about half an hour ago for all above and a lot more!

E3: Halo 4

Its time for a new trillogy..its time for halo 4

E3: Halo Combat evolved

Monday morning!

Its that time again. Another week approaches and we all have to get back into the swing of things. For me that involves heading to local high schools to talk to them about the studio 5 summer film program which im teaching in. Also I really need to go out and get dish soap for the dishwasher...

well heres a great movie everyone should watch

And a great quote from the film is here

one bad ass dude


a little pat on the back for me :) 700 followers.
make sure to tell any bloggers that you know that im looking for 300 amazing people to make my dreams come true lol

The creepiest alphabet

wow words can not describe what im seeing

jedi douchbags

the super hero movie club

Eating out

In the past six months Ive eaten more fast food than I have in the rest of my live combined. This has resulted in my belly becoming not as trim as it once was and until now I haven't really had a reason to change. Then I saw this infochart. currently im a skinny guy who might be entering the fit category, which displeases me greatly. I am making it my mission not to have fast food for the rest of june and then have it once a month after that! I encourage all of you to join me eating healthy and feeling great!

E3: Pray 2 trailer

Well its the best time of the year once again! Its christmas in june for gamers with E3 2011 starting this week! this means a tonne of new games, features consoles and the three systems announce whats going to happen in the next year. A very exciting time for gamers around the world!

Im not going to announce everything that happens as if your a gamer you have a site that has a staff dedicated to everything video game and this week they are working overtime but instead im going to be posting a lot of trailers and videos and short blurbs.

Starting off we have Pray 2!
loved the original when it came out a couple years ago and although they are going with a different style many core elements are the same! check it out!

A wave of rain

im at home cutting the grass early at eight in the morning when I glance upon the horizon, all I can see is terrible darkness approaching. I manage to just finish the main part and get my mower inside when the warm airs of destruction begin to hit me and only have the slightest amount of time to pile the grass clippings before my location is struck by a wave of rain thunder and lightning. 

True Story

I love the universe

Plains Milky Way from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

Its friday

Well its friday evening and im getting ready to head on home to london for the weekend to work. seems a bit backwards that I spend most weekends doing homework or making money and then spend the week lounging about, but I kinda like it. Tonight as soon as I get home i'm digging deep into my atmosphere and climate book to get a head start on chapter readings and then all tomorrow ill be working like a mule. Im also thinking of a site redesign as its beginning to get a bit stagnant again and I could really use a challenge.

cheers and happy friday

So close that it almost touched

Have you ever wondered what Astronauts see?

More and More ive been rediscovering my love of space exploration. this video really moved my and I loved it!

snail power

heres something you don't see every day...

run for the hills

such a curious owl

mans best friend forever


Twitter Video and Photos

Well Twitter just announced that it will be hosting photos and videos in house instead of using 3rd party services like Twitpic and Yfrog. Now you will be able to view photos and videos in twitter which could be cool. check out the announcement video below and make sure to follow wifihighfive on twitter here.

fun link of the day: fro design

I really like alternative movie posters and some of my favourite source is fro design. check them out and have a good hour or two or movie nostalgia HERE

question of the day: Its June

Ladies and gents unless you go by the Mayan calendar its now JUNE! Every year i begin to get super nostalgic because the year is half way over today! pretty incredible and around this time i look back at everything ive done and say good job or bad job lol this year its been a pretty good job, im in a healthy relationship, getting good grades, and have been exploring my artistic potential more and more.

So my question of the day today is, now that 2011 is half over what are you most proud of or what do you regret the most, and how will you improve it this second half?

personally im most proud of myself finally taking risks and for the most part they are paying off with an incredible amount of fun :D

the deep blue

Add caption
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