I just watched...Super 8

I Just watched super eight. Yes after being disappointed and only getting to see the first five minutes of the film before the projector broke I finally got to go and see the wildly hyped J. J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg syfy film. Ill get to the meat of the sandwich quick and say that this is a fantastic film, and that I heavily enjoyed it, however I wouldn’t say it’s a ten out of ten yet. So here we go.

Super Eight is Super. The film just works on so many levels and really when the creative team said they were trying to create a monster flick like the Spielberg films of the eighties (E.T, Close Encounters) they got their math right and it really was right on. The perfect amount of story, mystery and characters that made the ride feel fun while pacing through plot and intense in the action bits. It also made me feel like I was back worrying about communists and living in small town American dealing with trouble.

The casting is spot on and as a filmmaker I identified with the joy of making a creative project with your group of friends just for the fun of it. The monster was new but still felt like a cousin to the Cloverfield monster, sometimes a little to much Perhaps the best part of this film is that it is new but will make you nostalgia hard, and will make you want to go watch the classic films of 80s for the next couple months.

Now I loved J.Js Startrek reboot and one of the best things of it I felt was the lens flare. It went well with the spaceship theme and everything was cool. BE warned THIS FILM HAS LENS FLARE EVERYWHERE!!! In a street. LENSFLARE! In a tunnel. LENSFLARE! Running. LENSFLARE!!!!!

Only fault. other than that it was perfect :D My girlfriend Steph saw it with me and had the following to say: "It was average, 7/10."

Theater: Yes
Download: Yes
Stream: Yes
Buy: Yes
Pass: No



I can't wait to see it. Waiting until it comes out on DVD though.

ChickenBittle said...

Good review, I'm going to have to check this one out

Major.Mack said...

someone told me it was comparable to goonies....that turned me off

Athanasian Complexio said...

I was afraid that it was going to be one of those movies that tries too hard. I might go out and see it with some friends now.

JamieGraham09 said...

Sounds great :D Might go give it a check out!

Melanie said...

gotta check it out.

wirelesswin said...

good movie

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