its a shark

what we need is a platoon of monkeys

improv Everywhere

Well if you're a regular here you know how much I love improv everywhere. and heres another great video social experiment done by them..enjoy!

new tech bubble?

busy day enjoying the heat and learning in the cold. after the break there is a really interesting about the possible second tech bubble we are in right now and what might happen! check it out!

Triple backflip

tron + graffiti

combining two pretty stellar items in my life here it is

Tron Legacy : Aerosol Mural from End of the line on Vimeo.

So true

have you ever been so angry...


Gojira of blood and salt

If you are a fan metal music or happen to like Gorjia, (check out my review here) then you will be flipping your shit when I tell you that a new track has been released and it features none other than my most favourite musician in the world, Mr Devin Townsend. Prepare to have your mind crushed and your energy drained.

psst you want some hugs

halt bro

question of the day: To dubstep or not to dubstep

Well last night I got my dubstep on all night long and let me say i had a fantastic time. I will admit that when dubstep first began coming into my life i really didn't like it as I felt it was just transformer sounds and whatnot. But luckily the genre has progressed to the point where a lot of good content is being released  and overall the community is exploding. 

Do you think dubstep is a phase or a legit genre?

things that need to be invented #43

I just Watched...Pirates of The Caribbean 4

Well on tuesday i went out for cheep night to see the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie staring the charming John Depp and sexy Penelope Cruz. Filled with epic swash buckling adventure this movie has summer audiences ready to return to the world of pirate times. Now most 4th entries into trilogies really suck, think Indiana Jones, Terminator ect but did Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides break the curse? find out after the break!

the iarm

wifihighfive Livestream

Hey guys livestream is happening in just under an hour from now! its going to be a shortened episode but still will be good time :D remember you can watch HERE!

fun link of the day: Planking

Hey want to know what all the boys and girls are doing these days for fun? its not drugs or dubstep but planking! What is planking you might ask? its this

yeah thats right its where you lay down like a plank! sounds exciting eh well check out this website devoted to this sacred art! HERE


This is some tasty treats that you would just want to let win a game or have your arms ripped off

umm not safe for play?

pen pals

fun link of the day: Apple Apps

The iphone is a wonderful device but what truly makes it incredible is its app store. Heres a little infochart about what it takes to make a successful app. LINK

that silly parrot

Wallpapers 48

Its time for some wall love!

very extreme soccer there

Id eat anywhere

Lifehack time

When two beards cross

Sunday Night Recap

Bla very embarrassing that now two weeks in a row been doing the sunday night update on monday morning or should I say monday afternoon. Oh well and today I dont even have a gif for here is some skrillex so just open this up in the back yard and travel to the frontier of dup-step

Go go go!

Rapture that

Well look at that everyone the rapture hit us again and im so glad all of you decided to give up everlasting joy to stay here to read the wifihighfive. It takes a certain type of personality to be able to live life day to day not planning what happens or where you go.  Although it would be fun and you would have many many incredible adventures I feel these type of people would be easily swept up in this Rapture nonsense. Now all we have to do is go and graffiti on all them billboards. 

Conan trailer

Band Photography

Hey guys today I got the opportunity to do some band photography and hang out with the very cool musicians of Enter the Haggis. Id never heard of them before today and am listening to them right now and let me say very celtic and very cool. The Guitarist player Trevor has one of the most amazing neck beards ive ever seen and was equally fun to work with. The entire band was a hoot to work with and were actually very funny as well as laid back. We shot in the middle of downtown Windsor and also at the University and let me say it was a good day overall.  If you're interested in the magical music they have been weaving for the last ten years or are interested in their up coming album head on over to their site HERE

Be an Optimist Prime





kitten verses tennis ball

America land of the Weather babes

Weather is much more interesting when the person talking about it is hot. Take a look after the break for some info about this tantalizing subject!

A drinking problem

I just Watched...Something Borrowed

Wow looking back its been a super long time since ive reviewed a movie. Although ive seen several over the month long gap, for whatever reason I didn't have the time to get to them up. So now that summer is in full swing it seems like the perfect time to bring it back! On tuesday I went and saw Something Borrowed with the woman which is exactly what the trailers and tv-spots make it out to be. A romantic comedy good for couples or first dates. Find out my feelings about it after the break in the return of Wifihighfive movie reviews!

New Startours trailer!

Musical Introduction

Hey so for my popular themes in music class I had to submit a paper about my music past present and future. Take a look if you want!

Derrick O’Toole
Honors Communications Media and Film 4th year

My name is Derrick O'Toole. I’m going into my 4th year in Communications Media and Film with an intent to enter the film production industry within the next couple years. Although my career future is hopefully destined in film, music in the bread of my sandwich of life, encompassing everything I do and grounding all my creative motives.


Well ladies and gentlebots the eve has came! the lineup is set and ready for tonights debut adventure!

Regular Show
Xavier Renegade Angel
The Simpsons
Super Jail
Adventure Time
American Dad
Family Guy
Tim and Eric
Tom goes to the Mayor

Some of these are well known cartoons while some are very underground gems but all of them are going to result in a fantastic evening starting tonight at 7 eastern! so make sure to come out here and make sure to bring 2-3 other people who would enjoy this!


I Just cant look in the eyes


Wow going over my stats i was very surprised to discover that im nearing 50,000 views to the Wifihighfive! And what greater time for this milestone to occur with the launching of the livestream tomorrow evening! Thank you everyone who has visited, read a couple lines, looked a picture, watched a video or commented and contributed. In reality there is no point in spending the time sharing my world if no one is interested in it and clearly some are :D

heres a video of what i did when i found out...


Interesting trance

Some interesting trance to listen too and some very cool info on screen for ya

Question of the day: Why did the sloth cross the road

Not a usual question of the day but why do you think this sloth wanted to cross the road?

batman batman batman?

A Goat accused of robbery

Sunday Night Recap

Okay. Its becoming very clear the Sunday Night Recap is destined for Monday morning but to change the name or not change the name...hmmm. Any who some paper work now, this wednesday at 7pm eastern we will be hosting the first official edition of the wifihighfive livestream.

So far we got; Adventure time, Regular show, Xavier Renegade Angle, New Super Jail, Metalocalypse, Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama and American Dad. So Basically a huge amount of funny adult cartoons and it should be a great night. So come out and you can watch it on wednesday night HERE

Now thats some hot coffee

Wallpapers 47

Cool render

First Person Mirrors Edge

Well I personally love free running and really loved mirrors edge. Heres some free runners using a go pro so it looks like a real life mirrors edge

Awww what a smart dog

I have another vacation hotspot!


I knew they were good but never this derpalicious

go dad!

Daily Game Review: Advantages of Playing Online Games

Daily Game Review: Advantages of Playing Online Games: "The disadvantages of the internet in general and online gaming in particular are known to everyone. However, when it comes to development an..."


some very true facts

creepy as fuck

mind blown!

Wow way to go blogger

So wow. Seems as if blogger went down last night and decided to delete everything I posted for all of yesterday. Not cool at all. on the blogger status page it says that all posts should be back up but im missing eight or so yesterday including a review of a movie which I really dont want to review again. its frustrating I guess but you just gotta move on. Hope you all had a wonderful thursday and more to come later!

Wifihighfive Livestream

Well I just finished the first trial run of the Wifihighfive Livestream. It was a great hour where me and 10 of my friends watched some Adventure Time and some Regular Show and just overall had some great time.

This leads me to my next point which is ill be launching the Livestream officially next wednesday at 7 Eastern for 4 hours of great tv shows and great friends!

The schedule of shows will be up in a couple days and I hope everyone comes out and watches!

Heres a handy list of things you shouldn't eat together!

How to leave Comments on the Internet

Starwars+Twitter= WIn

The Origin Of Force Quit

Swiss Jetman flies over grand canyon

ever see posters like this?

Sitting can kill you!

My dream

At the end of my days this is where I want to end...

Improv Everywhere

I love Improv Everywhere and there quest to make the world a better place. Check out their latest quest for the best!

Food pics!

Sunday Night Recap

Yeah Im well aware its monday morning, but I kinda fell asleep last night early and didn't remember. Although this is supposed to immobilize frightened children, i have a feeling that if i was strapped into it id be even more scared.

What a shit show

Well yesterday I was super excited to see two pretty good bands play in my hometown of london...until I got there. Never have I been to a show where I have hated the crowed more than at that moment. about 80% of the crowed were under the age of 16 and non stop talked acted and ran around like high schoolers. Now im 22 so at a major show I should not be one of the oldest people there but sadly I was. This is the first time where there has been a drinking section so I had to stand at the back and drink verses being where i wanted. Finally when Tesseract got on I finished my beer and went up front. up by the stage i was among the tallest people there and im only 5,11 again something that should not be happening at a metal show. Tesseract was incredible but i couldn't stand the hipster teen crowed and left after that. My god when all this beiber generation grows up the world will truly be fucked. But I got to chat and chill with Tesseract for a bit so it was sorta worth it....

Anyways its mothers day today so make sure to call, hug or visit your mom :D

The city limits

Timelapse - The City Limits from Dominic on Vimeo.

Chewbaca Dog

Chewbaca Dog

Its saturday

Its's saturday bitches which means tonight im seeing Protest the Hero and Tessaract from England at the music hall in london. its going to be a dope show and im very excited heres some fun links enjoy

wallpapers 46 DOUBLE!

Well it's been quite a long time since ive uploaded some wallpapers, so todays post will be double the usual amount :D enjoy and as always comment bellow!

cool story pixar

thanks Facebook

Well it seems as though Facebook has updated...although im not sure ive heard anything about it on mashable or that. Basically it prompted me to get a Facebook email and messages and Facebook chat where integrated into one. kinda scary thought as I went through there and every single thing ive said on Facebook chat is in there....all the way back from high school. Not impressed at all for me Facebook chat was for temporary chatting and messages were more concrete, now we have this all slummed into one thing. Not cool at all! Tell me what you think of the changes or even if they have happened to you

Btw shameless bump if you haven't became of fan of the Wifihighfive you might as well now before Facebook does it for you :P

good evening gentlemen

Well its friday thank god. Long week of making coin ripping up flooring and painting and everything in between. I have to head back tomorrow to finish everything up and then its back to windsor on Sunday. Just a reminder for everyone out there that sunday is mothers day, so make sure to call your mom surprise her in a monkey suit or pull a tom green and spray paint your moms car ala below.

very cool poster

what if portals 2 was a movies from the 70s????

epic meal time with special guest

what are you doing on there deadmau5

Check out Benny Hinns Magic Jesus Jacket

the other conan

Letter to John Madden from lowest rated player

In the many hours logged playing Madden, have you ever wondered how the players feel about their various rankings. This is a supposed letter from Ethan Albright, the Washington Redskins long snapper who is the lowest rated player in the game. Could this be fake, maybe, but I know that the side splitting humor is very real. Enjoy.
To: John Madden
CC: Electronic Arts Sports
From: Ethan Albright
Re: Being the worst rated player on Madden ‘07
Hi, John, my name is Ethan Albright. I play line for the Washington Redskins. You probably already knew that, so I’ll continue. I am writing in regards to the overall player rating of 53 that I have received in Madden NFL Football 2007. I feel that this is fucking bullshit and you should kiss my mother-fucking ass. Ahmed Carroll was rated a 78 and the Packers just cut his ass on a Tuesday morning after his performance in a Monday night game. That is pretty terrible. The worst part is that his overall rating was sniffing 80.

All I really want you to do is dance like a dear

today...a difficult choice

Today im tearing up carpets or something like that but i have a important question for everyone to answer for me! basically two awesome shirts with two awesome designs, one a mix of star wars and adventure time and the other from arrested development! you choose!


Trouble with livestream

Hey guys as mentioned before i have a plan to host a wifihighfive livestream every wednesday night featuring the best shows and movies that we all love! However i've encountered several problems with the livestream studio software and I thought if anyone out there knew how to work it maybe you could help me!

how do I import youtube videos into a scratch card using livestream studio?

I have them chilling in a folder but for whatever reason I cant put them into a scratch card and therefore cant stream them?!

how do i stream audio for a desktop stream using livestream procaster?

EDIT i solved first problem

If anyone knows the answers to theses questions or wants to get involved within the livestream drop me a line at my email or comment below!

Funny or die

Its a bit slow at the beginning but luckily she knew that wasn't a lamp

Most epic shirt in the land!

Wow what i would do to go downtown and try and wheel girls with this!

Just think about it

2011 Webby Award Winners

It’s a big day for your favorite online properties and personalities as the Webby Awardshave announced their list of the best the web has to offer in 2011. This year saw big wins by everything from entertainment sites like Funny or Die to tech developers like Google Creative Labs. The likes of Lisa Kudrow, Conan O’Brien, Arcade Fire, Zach Galifianakis, Angry Birds, and Snoop Dogg also walked off with awards for their contributions to the web this year.
We’ve got the full list of winning websites below, but head over to the official Webby’s websiteto see all the nominees, and winners for Interactive Advertising, Online Film and Video, and Mobile and Apps. Check out more after the break
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