Trouble with livestream

Hey guys as mentioned before i have a plan to host a wifihighfive livestream every wednesday night featuring the best shows and movies that we all love! However i've encountered several problems with the livestream studio software and I thought if anyone out there knew how to work it maybe you could help me!

how do I import youtube videos into a scratch card using livestream studio?

I have them chilling in a folder but for whatever reason I cant put them into a scratch card and therefore cant stream them?!

how do i stream audio for a desktop stream using livestream procaster?

EDIT i solved first problem

If anyone knows the answers to theses questions or wants to get involved within the livestream drop me a line at my email or comment below!


Erika said...

I would definitely tune in for this =]

Anonymous said...

Nice dude post, just my daily morning coffee blogwalking

Kingmush said...

Oooo seems like a great idea. Don't know how to fix your issues unfortunately.

The Speaker said...

Awesome blog. Really enjoyed this.

Potholderz said...

Not sure how to do either of these, but hopefully you can figure it out cause i'd be interested in watching these streams.

ThirtySeven said...

Haha. That deer knows how to break dance. He should open a studio. And then tear it up.

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