Wow what a year! 2011 flew past so quickly, and now we are at the end watching, remembering and waiting for the next year. This year my simple blog saw some amazing growth and passed some important  mile stones that make me proud. You may of noticed that over the past two months my level of contribution has slowed significantly to the middle of year. I have no plans on abandoning the wifihighfive, but i'm simply planning 2012 out and trying to figure out how the Wifihighfive works with that :D

Im off to costa rica for ten days with my family so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very happy holidays, a merry christmas or a insert whatever you celebrate. I will be back in 2012 with some photos, some experimental shorts, some stories and anything else thats neat. 

Cheers and thanks for 2011

Perpetuate Three

Perpetuate Three by Wifihighfive
Perpetuate Three, a photo by Wifihighfive on Flickr.

Good place to work

The dark knight rises

Xbox black and White

Xbox black and White by Wifihighfive
Xbox black and White, a photo by Wifihighfive on Flickr.

Wifihighfive's photostream

IMG_5154LauraRubrics Cubetime-lapse screenshotMe To the EndMike D
Sifton BogBarn and BowlingCatherine and CalvinSunsetMePerpetuate 81

check them out


IMG_4833 by Wifihighfive
IMG_4833, a photo by Wifihighfive on Flickr.


IMG_5040 by Wifihighfive
IMG_5040, a photo by Wifihighfive on Flickr.

best talk show ever

How to do a voice over


TIME from David Fulde on Vimeo.

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