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Every god damn day



New Printer

Over the weekend I returned to London to work and get a cavity drilled out of my wisdom tooth. However when the dentist was taking a look at my great teeth it turned out that the cavity actually corrected its self and turned back into healthy tooth? how strange eh? Then even stranger it turns out that a cavity had formed in the tooth in front of it resulting in some drilling filling and cleaning. But away ways i was at costco looking for ink for my printer and it turns out that to get new ink for my 4 year old printer it was more money than a brand new fancy printer....so I decided to get a NEW PRINTER! yes thats right im now the owner of a brand new wireless printer. means where ever I am what ever im doing i can fully print whatever i want... FUCK YEAH!

Everything is a remix

we are going on a journey

Wallpapers 50

Calm on the lake
Eye of the beholder
Bloody calm

Very nice abstract blackness

paint in water

same hat

yes plz

this could happen to you!

everyone i want you to know...

Creative thing of the day.

I have a new goal. Im going to try to do something creative everyday and here is the first one. A poster for my friends up coming robot party. It has everything beer, robots, lasers, and breasts. 

who will win..

In three way chess

I dont want to live on this planet anymore

I just watched: Contagion

I just got home from watching Steven Soderbergh's latest triumph film Contagion. Ive been following this film for a while and have been quite excited to actually see it. An well woven story, stellar casting with superb acting along with a subtle yet impact full score creates a wonderful cinematic adventure. Basically Contagion shows how the world would react and survive with a un survivable worldwide epidemic rippled through the population. find out what I thought after the break. 

I want...to live here

grid waves?

infochart: starwars changes



Ive watched this about 12 times and still dont completely understand it...maybe someone out there will.

Week one

Kay so first complete week of class is now complete and already there are going to be some sleepness nights ahead. this year im only taking two production courses, advanced lighting and advanced digital cinema. Both have large group projects which will mean around 7-8 film productions completed this semester. should be exciting!

Go Trex Go!

If you ever wanted to see two trex skeletons having sex well...now you can.

Lets do some arts and crafts!

Lookie here

Nothing to see here just a bunch of totally normal amish mug shots.

Off the Air

Omfg. My mind! it hurts! This is Off the Air, a new show on adult swim. prepare to have mind blown.

I want

Twirling in a Red Dress: Places To Visit

Twirling in a Red Dress: Places To Visit: Wow. So I just Stumbled Upon this site that has all these amazing pictures of cool places to visit all over the world. I am not lying when ...

US debt simplified

Teacher fight!

fuck the police


Hey guys. So it appears as though Blockbuster is going out of sale, which means that they need to liquidate all their assets as soon as possible which means mad deals! Got portal two for 30 bucks and Assassins Creed brotherhood for 25 bucks. My bro also managed to get Dead Island for ten bucks off. Not too shabby at all! tried them all out and gotta say that it was definitely a good deal and cant wait to play them through. SO if you get a chance to head by you're in for some sick deals.

what time is it?

i want to go there

Star trek is old

Wow start trek is 45 years old today! I will say that although i wouldnt consider myself a treky i still enjoy most of the series and if nothing else is on will put it on star trek. i just hope another series would come out soon. check out this infochart after the break

ultimate fight

time to zoom

More drunk orsen wells

heres the original footage and just uncovered is more


Circle Square Hammer: Han's Carbon argument

Circle Square Hammer: Han's Carbon argument: So I got into a weird discussion with my friend the other day about carbon and subsequently Han solo. My friend, who will remain devoid of...

some halo 4 goodness

Best costume ever

If you were thinking of going extreme this halloween.. heres a cool idea!

the past verses the present...what will the future be

Most unusual Deaths

I found the best wikipedia page: The list of Unusual deaths and here are some of my favourites. Warning that some of these are graphic.

10) A 25 year old woman from Ottawa, Ontario and Steven Leon, 40, of Gatineau, Quebec, died after an airborne American black bear smashed through the windshield of their SUV Near Luskville, Quebec. The bear had been hit by another vehicle, launching it into the oncoming lane where it landed on the SUV

9)  Humberto Hernandez, a 24-year-old Oakland, California resident, was killed after being struck in the face by an airborne fire hydrant while walking. A passing car had struck the fire hydrant and the water pressure shot the hydrant at Hernandez with enough force to kill him

8)  Richard Sumner, a British artist suffering from schizophrenia, went into a remote section of Clocaenog Forest in DenbighshireWales, handcuffed himself to a tree and threw the keys out of his reach. His skeleton was discovered three years later.

7)  Owen Hart, a Canadian-born professional wrestler for WWF, died while performing a stunt where he was to be lowered into the ring from the rafters of the Kemper Arena on a safety harness. The safety latch was accidentally released early and Owen dropped 78 feet (24 m) and landed chest-first on the top rope, severing his aorta.

6) Jeremy Brenno, a 16 year-old golfer from Gloversville, New York, was killed when he threw his club against a bench in a fit of rage, breaking the shaft. Part of the shaft bounced back and pierced his heart.

5)  Franco Brun, a 22-year-old prisoner at Toronto East Detention Centre, in Toronto, Ontario, choked to death after attempting to swallow a Gideon's Bible.

4) James Frederick Polley, a 23-year-old from Raytown, Missouri, died while riding the Fire In The Hole ride in Branson, Missouri, at Silver Dollar City theme park. The train of cars he was riding in was mistakenly switched to enter the maintenance and storage area of the ride. The door to the maintenance area had a low-hanging bay door and his head got caught between the door and the train.

3)  Alex Mitchell, a 50-year-old from Norfolk, England, died laughing while watching The Goodies. A particular scene had caused Mitchell to laugh nonstop for twenty-five minutes before dying of heart failure.

2) Basil Brown, a 48-year-old health food advocate from Croydon, drank himself to death with carrot juice.

1) Thích Quảng Đức, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, sat down in the middle of a busy intersection in Saigon, covered himself in gasoline, and lit himself on fire, burning himself to death.

I Just Watched: Thor

I just finished Thor, and during my viewing I experienced an odd sensation that happened to me to few times in the past. Its the sensation that I am experiences exact things that either A) I have thought up or B) that I want to go and do. It was very strange to happen during a comic book film as most of the time these happen with something that is at least plausible such as walking on Mars or exploring the Amazon, being shot through space in a light cannon with a weapon the weight of the sun. Its very rare that I identify so closely with a film that is not heavy traditional science fiction but the mix of Norse Mythology, Fantasy, Epic Battles, and Awe inspiring space sets has left me sorta mesmerized. By now you can tell I loved the film but find out how much after the break.

run for your life

dont fuck with bees


Holly shit its September again. Where the hell did that summer go. You may of noticed that my posting quality and quantity took a severe hit during the summer months and my written posts were practically non existent. im double sorry and promise to begin bringing back favourites as question of the day, fun links, movie reviews, albums of the month and weekly reviews. A new leaf is being turned over and even if you dont go to bed till 4am it still counts. cheers and welcome to year two of the Wifihighfive.

fucken squid

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