I need six other white nerds with glasses

Best commercial ever

Community Bingo

Community Bingo
Created by: Online Associates Degree
here is a screen shot from my main monitor. I decided to take a break from the first cut to go in and play with the colour a bit. its looking very meaty.

My next film

party invite

does anyone want to go to a party with me?

Kick ass walking music

So today I had auditions all day for my newest film and my friend mentioned this kick ass track from drive. He also mentioned how kickass drive was but this was all i could find tonight so here is some kick ass walking music


its true

my favourite part of this movie

Thats how you do it

Honk War

awesome dubstep juggling

God Speed Steve

Like the rest of the internet and the world im still reeling from the news that apple guru Steve Jobs has died. Only now is his full effect on the tech community and history being realized. God Speed Steve.

Self Portrait

Fair enough

Deal with it

Education Is Key: 10 incredible education facts in the US

Education Is Key: 10 incredible education facts in the US: Okay, it's been nearly 15 days without an update and I'm already not getting to post as much as I'd like to. What can I say, its the end of...


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