Rubrics Cube

Rubrics Cube by Wifihighfive
Rubrics Cube, a photo by Wifihighfive on Flickr.

On set photo from "Chain Effect"


My Photography 2

time-lapse screenshot

Recent time-lapse screen shot

7 sins


want to make your mind spin

I just watched: Blue Valentine

Wow its been a while since ive done a movie review when in reality ive seen a lot of recent movies but just havnt had the time to do a detailed review of them. Some of them include Unknown, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part two, the Mechanic, the Machinist, Brick and Horrible Bosses just to name a few. My favorite of those ones was Brick and should defiantly be on everyone’s watched list, but back to the task at hand; Blue Valentine. My girlfriend and me watched this last night after many months of waiting for it to become available and let me say that for a drama I surprisingly loved it.

just crossed 100,000 views!

Wow I just passed 100,000 views on the wifihighfive! What an incredible day!

My Photography 1


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