I Just watched...310 to Yuma

One of my all time favorite underrated movies is 310 To Yuma, staring Christian Bale and Russel Crowe as a respectable farmer and a wanted outlaw. 310 to Yuma is about the classic age of the lawless wild west, and when it came on last night on History Channel I had to pause my editing for a couple hours and settle into a great movie. Although I’ve already seen the movie and have already praised how much I love it I’m still going to review it and I guess your still going to read it because why else are you here? To hear me talk about my stock portfolio? I think not… so find out after the break what I really think.

Fun link of the day: Look at this photograph

im not sure why this is funny but it just is LINK

Oscar Eve

Well its Oscar Eve (the night before the oscars) and everyone is buzzing about whos going to win. According to whats happening on twitter and Facebook, people want Inception for best picture? I mean I liked Inception but for best picture? Not on my watch! Check out this cool infochart on whats trending tonight and tell me if you agree, disagree and who you want to win!

times a wasting

Today I had a startling realization. The time of my generation dominance over what’s cool, trendy and how the world should adapt is ending. I remember an article about Sonys marketing strategy a couple years ago was that 19 years old was the prime age they tried to market them selves too. Teenager’s wanted to be older to play the M rated games and older people wanted to kick back to the age of no responsibility making 19 the ideal age for both. Earlier today I saw a YouTube commercial about the Justin Beiber generation of 12 year olds saying what they will want as a generation in ten years when they hit that magic age of 18-25 when all marketers cater everything towards you.

flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap

Fun link of the day:Dutch kid hacks tv station live


I Just watched...Buried

I Just watched Buried.

One of my greatest fears in the world is being Buried alive like Nick from CSI several seasons back. Buried with Ryan Reynolds was probs not a good choice for viewing but it had rave reviews from Sundance last year and some say its good to grab your fears by the horns and rip of the head of the charging bull before it gorges you in the groin. Also Ryan is the only on screen actor throughout the entire 90 minute film which is something very new and very different so I watched it and take a look after the break how I felt about it.

Fun Link of the Day: Wow my own newspaper

go check out my own newspaper or even make your own! http://paper.li/wifihighfive

I Just watched...Titanic

I just watched Titanic; the James Cameron masterpiece from 1997 that was the all time highest grossing movie… until James Cameron was like yeah ill make another movie. Avatar; which doubled Titanic’s gross on the miniscule budget of only 500 million dollars (300 million on making it and an estimated 200 in marketing.) Well like the rest of the world I’ve seen Titanic before, but not in several years so when Steph mentioned that it was her favorite movie I had to rewatch it so here we go!

double holly tits batman

I fucken love the elder scrolls series and played oblivion like 400 times. They just released the new in game footage of the elder scrolls V. check it out

Holy tits batman

Fun link of the Day: Infograph!

hey who likes infograhs?! and who likes Starwars?! Good then all of you should enjoy this tidbit...

What happens when you put your head in a particle accelerator?

Ever wonder what would happen if you stuck your head in a particle accelerator? Well then you came to the right place as "Today I Found Out" explains what happened to a Russian scientist after the break

What a cool picture

Tell me what this picture is made out of for ten internet points!

wow dont forget to smile

Fun link of the Day: lol shock

My buddy Sam showed me this link of 20 of the most shocking links on the internet complied in one fun locations. there are some great favourites on here like lemon party and tub girl but plenty more to make you smile and punch your screen and have the images burnt into your skull. Check it out if you got some balls.


WIFIHIGHFIVE facebook page

Hey everyone i suggest that you and everyone you know should follow the wifihighfive facebook page. Its a beautiful day with lots of wonderful things in the future so you should just like it and invite all your friends to do the same.


Yeah I'm pretty sure that everyone should be watching Conan nightly but if your crazy enough not to watch take a look at what your missing after the break!

Xbox Verses PS3 on Hacking

Heres a cool story by Jolie O'Dell detailing how Microsoft and Sony are dealing with the hacking of their software and which one is right. Details after the break!

Anyone out there like BTBAM

Anyone out there listen to Between the Buried and Me?
If you yelled fuck yes then you have to watch this...
And if not just watch it anyways lol

The Tastebuds Blog

Hey guys here a website of The Tastebuds Blog a restaurant rating website managed by two of my friends Zack and Ali. They just started out and am looking for followers and supporters so if your interested go give them look and say Derrick sent ya for a curious surprise.

Setting up the facebook page

Hey yall im in the process of setting up the Facebook page for the wifihighfive check it out and hopefully you will follow it!



WOW I just passed 10,000 views here at the wifihighfive!

I started back on the 27th of October and in less than 4 months to have this many views its incredible and still I cant really believe it but now its time to look to the next goal of 50,000 views and to get it going here is a great picture of all the PIXAR movies

Good morning from chicago day 2

Well goodmorning i set my alarm for 1030 but then realized that chicago is in a different time zone. so i got up at fucken 930 on a saturday...not cool...anyways heres a cool trailer that might make up for it.

my second morning tidbit comes from a classic movie trillogy. hopefully everyone knows how much i love Jurassic Park. well they are making a game which takes place over the first movie and continues right after it..im kinda excited as it has gone through the same long cycle as the ghostbusters game which turned out not too shabby at all. lets home this game is better than Jurassic Park 3...which really shouldnt be hard

yay for nerds

In chicago day one!

well peeps I just drove into chicago and am staying at the Ambassador East. Its a swank place by the water and im pretty impressed with the neighbourhood. So far we are just chilling killing some time till later but if anyone has suggestions of where to go in chicago on a friday night im very open to suggestions!

Its thursday night everyone dance

Well lots of people dance...somepeople unlike anything you have ever seen. check it out after the break

Fun link of the Day: Pixels Galore

Well would you look that this, a throwback to a couple years ago! I remember in first year stumbleupon gripped my life with every click, my imagination was reset and I would eagerly await what treasure I would discover. On of them was this amazing pixel short which I guess was rediscovered two years later by Techi. Enjoy peoples.

Good morning

Morning everyone its bright and early ten am. here is a cool zombie trailer.

Fun link of the Day: That game I played

kay so its 2 in the morning and I cant sleep and I stumble across this insanely unique and quirky fun flash game. Its simple make all the balls pop by touching them. only problem is you get one dot in the pond of life to play with. good luck peeps.

Wallpapers 0040

Its been a bit of a while since ive had regular wallpaper uploads but i have some time right now to dump so sit back and sift through maybe you might like something...like this one
Don't even lie..we all want

Drunk drunk drunk?

Fun link of the Day: The Blackwater Gospel

Hey so i cant imbed the actual movie here but heres a cool short for everyone to check out.

Chicago Bound

Well ladies and gentlemen reading week is upon us university folks and im going on a short journey to the wonderful city of Chicago for a couple days. I went their 4 years ago and really really enjoyed the business look and strength of the downtown core. This time I get to choose what I do and what things I get to visit so Id love that if any of you have any suggestions as to what I do. So suggest something for me!

Question of the Day: Coke or Pepsi?

Everyone loves Coke or Pepsi, but what makes it taste the way it does. According to Coca-Cola the original recipe is a trade secret locked in a safe and that only 2 people in the world know it exactly...until now

Calm song for you and me

quote of the day

I have a morning ritual that I need to share. I call it "the terminator". First I crouch down in the shower in the classic "naked terminator traveling through time" pose. With my eyes closed I crouch there for a minute, visualizing either Arnold or the guy from the second movie (not the chick in the third one because that one sucked) and I start to hum the terminator theme. Then I slowly rise to a standing position and open my eyes. It helps me to proceed through my day as an emotionless, cyborg badass. The only problem is if the shower curtain sticks to my terminator leg. It ruins the fantasy.

Facebook pics

Everyone loves facebook pics. Check out the sick info chart!

Happy vday

Happy vday all. This is the first vday in a while where i have someone special in my life and I hope that all of you even if you don't have a ying to your yang yet you have a decent day. I got you something hope you enjoy it...

What more could you want?

Monday morning halo goodness

Hey yall heres some exciting news on the one of the only amazing things on the Xbox 360. New content for halo reach. Check it out

I just Watched...127 Hours

I just watched 127 Hours about the harrowing tale of adventurer Aron Ralston who was out doing his thing out in the wild, running, biking, jumping, adventuring. While out concurring nature he falls into a crevice and a boulder pins his arm and he’s forced to amputate it with a dull knife. Yeah this guys pure man and we get to go along for the ride. Was it incredible journey or utter flop? Find out after the break!

Lady Gaga in an Egg

Im usually not one to get too involved with people like Lady Gaga, but i'm quite sure that when she shows up to the grammies in an egg people should start talking about what the fuck is up. This is the first and the last time she will be on the wifhighfive, enjoy it while it lasts i guess. So todays what the fuck is lady gaga in an egg photos after the break.

Make a fort

I have a challenge for all of you with snow around. Make a huge igloo out of it. Me and my friends made a huge two room snow complex complete with power wifi and heat. Ill be uploading pics in a bit.

UPDATE: well windsor was hit with mild weather and a bit of rain today. So ultimate fort has melted :(

Fun link of the Day: Thank you Vito

well not sure what this is...check it out

What about bug rights?

Alright a great weekend begins

Im getting ready to head off to a meeting for doing camera work for a local tv production and my room mate has unfortunately lost her car keys and forgot the spare at home. hmm looks like im missing out an important meeting soo.... here is pictures of cute puppies.

Up in the morning

SO one of the major downsides of being super proactive and outgoing is that your constantly up at ungodly hours of the day like 9am. Today I have an audition to help my friend find the perfect cold war actors. The I have an economic summit to attend downtown on the future of media within windsor ontario. Then im Volunteering with the woman for diabetes for a couple hours for one of their charity events, and then finally its the black out party at my universities pub. Gonna be a long day. Plus i hate suits.

so cute

Xmen First Class trailer

Cell Phones In the Class: A Major Distraction

Hear is a silly paper I farted out for stupid Foundations of Academic Writing class. So give a short read and tell me if you agree!

Wallpapers 0039

A Street filled with umbrellas!

A wise man once said

A wise man once said to follow my dreams but not get too lost.
A wise man once said that real adventures don't need maps but that I wasn't one of them.

Fun link of the Day: Dancing with the wolves

Album of the Month...February 2011

Februarys Album of the Month
We're going heavy with the mother earth to France

Fun link of the Day: US verses Bejing

I Just Watched...Dinner for Shmucks

Keeping with our theme of movies centered around good hearted idiots, I just finished watching Dinner for Shmucks staring Steve Carrel, Paul Rudd, Zack Galiflanakis and Jermaine Clament. It was a wild ride with a full barrel of twists and turns along the way with each of these extraordinary people bringing a different zany to this funny comedy. But the more important question was if it hit the mark or was just a mess of too much strange to be understood. Find out after the break!

I Just Watched...Guilliver's Travels

I just watched Gulliver’s Travels. You know that classic story from your childhood that you used to read in a colorful children’s storybook? Yeah well now they have a movie staring Jack Black as the title character venturing to a far off land filled with people the size of your thumb. Is Gulliver’s Travels thumbs up or thumbs down? Find out after the break!

I just Watched...A brand new rating system!

With my new reviews I’m going to institute an improved rating system for my movies but I’m also going to suggest how you watch it.


A Poem by Derrick: To be

I wonder if I'm allowed ever to see
I wonder if I'm allowed to ever be free
I wonder if I'm allowed to be...

Fun link of the Day: Im Bored

95. Run around flailing your arms and screaming, "THEY'RE COMING! THEY'RE COMING!"

96. Go to WalMart and set all the clocks to go off at the same time.

97. Make up a holiday...then go buy a ton of candy and throw it at every little kid you see.

98. Walk up to a group of people and say "I'm not wearing pants" and see how many people look.

99. Slay a dragon.

100. Ask someone for a bucket of fog. 

For 95 more amazing things to do when bored check out here

Fun link of the Day: Old Spice

313 Film: One bit

The painter is sitting in the same deep arm chair longengly staring across the room as the woman paints and softly signs. His studio is alive with colour as her voice dances through the colours of the paint. He smiles deeply.

tell me what main colour you see.

Fun Link of the Day: lego stop motion

check out this awesome old school lego stop motion


I just Watched...Black Swan

I finally got around to watching Black Swan even though everyone has been telling me for eons and eons to check it out. Everyone was right. I love when everyone says a movie is amazing so your expectations are high and it blows you away even more. Every single movie Darren Aronofsky is incredible and I wonder if he keeps his streak alive? Find out after the break.

Question of the Day: whether or not to enjoy the weather

Ha this week has been crazy busy so I haven't been able to keep up with my normal blog posting including reviews for The Beautiful Truth, Somewhere and a couple others. Also on the docket is this months Album of the Month which there are defiantly some amazing front runners for me to share. Most of my lack of blogging has been the weather, which I find directly effects how much work I can get done. In fact windsor region was supposed to receive a huge snow storm yesterday which was supposed to result in a snow day. Well the snow came and all the schools closed except for the university which was a brutal hike over mountainous snow backs and through traitorous villages. So todays question of the day is...

313 Film: Outline

Hey guys as mentioned before I'm directing a short this semester for my cinematography class and promised to keep you guys updated. Heres a brief outline of what the story is like so far. LINK

Fun Link of the Day: Incredible homemade deathray

Halt Demon

Hey want to check out this joke band me and friends have been recording songs for, for the past couple years? Here is Halt Demon

I just Watched...Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

I just finished the first part of the last Harry Potter film. I personally really enjoyed the books growing up and read them all several times. I remember way back ten years ago when I heard they were planning on adapting the series into a 7part movie series I thought they were going to ruin my favourite books and take away the amazingness which was sparkled throughout them. Now that we are on the 7th and final book to be fashioned into movie glory we all have to ask our selves something...how will Harry get out of this adventure. Check out after the break to find out what I thought.
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