I Just Watched...Guilliver's Travels

I just watched Gulliver’s Travels. You know that classic story from your childhood that you used to read in a colorful children’s storybook? Yeah well now they have a movie staring Jack Black as the title character venturing to a far off land filled with people the size of your thumb. Is Gulliver’s Travels thumbs up or thumbs down? Find out after the break!

I was not expecting anything from this movie, as the entire concept seemed kind of silly and most likely would’ve had at most a B movie plot. However after careful viewing this movie does have a B movie plot, but surprisingly its B+. I love Jack Black of old when hes was aloud to just act like a chubby Tenacious D fool and make me smile as he jumps off a building or make a insanely stupid mistake and attempt to cover it up. When he is in his element hes incredible and luckily that seems like one of the core elements kept in this movie. Jack Black acts like an idiot and scrapes through fuck up after fuck up.

This movie is riddled with enough nerd pulp culture references to make any movie nut swoon as Jack decides to proclaim that he king of far off New York. With this title he lists off several of his accomplishments including fighting his father Darth Vader and dying of hypothermia aboard the Titanic. I love when nerds are the main character because I feel more attached to them verses the mightiest action hero killing billions of bad guys. 

As stated above I went into this film expecting an average experience and left with a slightly higher than average experience. I suggest if you have an hour and a half to kill and don’t mind laughing ten or fifteen times check out and download Gulliver’s Travels, but don’t get mad if you feel it’s a hour wasted, I mean your getting it for free so its about even?

Theater: No
Download: No
Stream: Yes
Buy: No
Pass: No
Score: 6/10


Thatoneguy said...

I thought it looked stupid at first. But now I actually wanna see it kinda.

BaumWurst said...

I'm not too fond of movies like that, Jack Black seems to be playing the same character in every film; Jack Black.

Walkabeast said...

This movie looked beyond awful. Don't think I'll ever bring myself to watch it.

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