The year 2010: year of repair

Well 2010 is over.

Although everyone on every single site is wishing everyone a happy new years im going to do the opposite. 2010 for me was a year of repair, where I sought to redefine myself, what I stood for, and what I wanted in life. I battled drugs, alcohol, failure, depression, realization and countless more insignificant problems which made me not want to experience it again. I also discovered friendship, happiness, success and a sense of purpose all of which were a direct result of me being unsatisfied with the troubles affecting me and making a significant change in my life. It's only through hardship that we change and become better.

That is why 2011 for me at least will be a year of building. 
I want to work and play and succeed, all with a core purpose of moving me to where I want to be in my life and its going to be hard work but the end result will be a better life.

So as I prepare to go out and get shitfaced to ring in the new year I wish everyone a challenging new year, so that you can be tested and pushed to your limits and survive and become a better person and a more successful human bean.


I just Watched...The American

Well I just watched the American, 2010 drama about George Clooney as an old assassin trying his best to not get killed. Yeah it was interesting and yes it was visually beautiful but im not sure if its my tendency to have fast pasted films or just whatever mood I was in but this

This slowness worked perfectly for the film, when ever he was driving somewhere there would be several shots both in and out of car and landscape which were visually quite well done but still the pacing trudges along at the speed of an elephant. Im pretty sure sure a good third of the film were long shots or b roll which although captured the italian beauty quite well...were not needed.

Overall this is a slow movie, its good but slow.


wallpapers 0030

Me verses hitler and his bad ass army. I wonder who will win

Loved the hitman series, cant wait for the new one.

Everyone charge!

hmm its beautiful but the green water has me concerned.

various awesome huds

Extreme breakdancing from the future

Thank god we got this moon

Yay for inflames

Happy 2010 yall :)

Ask me anything

I just Watched...Jesus Camp

I just watched...Jesus Camp and absolutely hated it. let me say a thing first about what makes a good documentary. The documentary should be a journey that provides information or a story and allows the viewer to feel what they want and develop a view on the topic. Jesus Camp on the other hand takes an interesting topic (evangelical Christians ) and decides to hit us over the head with a subtlety sledge hammer.

Its very interesting to see this summer camp indoctrinate children as young as five to become saved again and become warriors of christ or even a martyr. this extremist sect of christianity teaches their children to spread the word of jesus to everyone willing to listen and remake the united states as a christian state. I don't agree with christian fundamentalists and overall a large part of the documentary was extremely interesting but so many parts felt over the top cheesy and staged and the narrator hands audiences a plate with that they are supposed to get out of this film. A definite no no.

Its a bad documentary about an interesting topic so check it out but don't have any heavy objects directly around you as you may be inclined to throw them out of anger discus and pure pity.


Wallpapers 0029

The point of time when light and space and everything falls together

A rapid river opening to the ocean. I particularly like the sun in the distance, a little off centre, very enjoyable

some good old photoshop work. reminds me of some of the stuff I used to do, maybe ill have to dig it up to share

simple hex fun

a nice wave of colour

whoop for leaving the shutter open

A normal European corner. Colour palette not that spectacular 

That funny robot from that one movie.

I Just Watched...Restrepo

Well the second movie watched tonight was Restrepo, a 2010 documentary about the most deadly area of combat in the recent Afghanistan conflict. Seem as if tonight is all about amazing documentaries which draw well at Sundance. As we all know the war in Afghanistan has been going on for almost ten years now, and i can say that honestly there has been little mention of it in the newspaper, radio and online. Even though its been going on all this time today its kinda just known that its happening and not shown. Restrepo follows a company of soldiers as they head to the deadliest valley in all of afghanistan. 1/3rd of all ammunition both bullets and bombs were used in this valley and to follow these soldiers around for a full year... it was enlightening.

To watch the footage of them become ambushed on hills, or picked off by snippers... its something you should watch. Much like Gasland this film opens you to a world that has been happening, but that none of us really knew what looked like.


Next up 2006 Jesus Camp

I Just Watched...Gasland

Welcome again to another night of movie watching miracles! I don't think ill watch as many as last time but who knows. Most nights I very much enjoy a good documentary, especially when it hits close to heart. My friend recently told me about Gasland which premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Utah and he said that it was definitely worth any download wait. (btw yes I do download movies, but if I really enjoy them or deem them amazing ill go out and purchase them.)

He was right. Koodos to you Anthony. Gasland is all about natural gas drilling, specifically hydraulic fracturing. Basically with this method its been found that natural gas will often seep into the areas watershed and contaminate it along with the 600+ chemicals used in the drilling process. However Former Vice President Dick Chaney during his tenure in office manipulated many of the environmental laws to allow this type of drilling to be practically un regulated. This results in thousands of people getting sick, water that you can light on fire and large corporations doing nothing.

I suggest you watch this as it follows a dark discovery that the worlds natural beauty is slowly and surly being dismantled and poisoned and I feel that this is more shocking than the Cove. (2009 Documentary exposing the asian trade of dolphin killing)


Wallpapers 0028

Uhh we got lots of greens! plus some added treats

Green apple background I got plenty of these!

mm nice green swirl leaves or something along those lines

green stripe background

lightspeed with a green twing

...and a red general grievous. I like the original not going to lie

A beautiful winding river over some prairie flatland.

Nice contrast between the red rock and extra blue sky.

This reminds me of a grotto in Tobermory Ontario. The water was so clear and so piercing cold that when u jumped off the cliff into the cave and hit the water your lungs exploded. Was cool

Would not want to run into this in the middle of the night

Speed bumps in the earths crust

An oldie but a good one. What I wouldnt give to be able to sit there and stare out and think

not sure what city this is...but this photo could defiantly be a bit better if the horizon wasn't directly in the middle of the picture. Or if the buildings protruded into the sky a bit more

Wallpapers 0027

some minimalist hipster glasses for yall

oh god of war id let you rip out my heart any day

a tranquil lake at what looks like at sunset

Part of a series of cool buildings. Im not sure if ive mentioned it before but I love interesting architecture.

another one. cool column 

Maybe what google will look like in 1000 years.

An oldy. I think its like ghosts in the mists.

Abstract colouring

im not really sure what this is, but you might see something like this when you go to tron

hahahahahahhaa just put this on full screen and just stare. guaranteed to trip even the sober 

some green goodness for you all

wallpapers 0026

Wow 100 posts already! Thanks guys for the follows and the comments!

This is how it looks outside...only not a beautiful.

Epic gasmask

One day I hope to visit the golden gate bridge


Double woot

On top of the cloud.

A simple hut in the vally. Would be good to visit for a weekend

Little bit too calm for me. Would be boring

looks like a storm is brewing

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