Wallpapers 0021

The basic template, and the first one I ever found of this awesome splatter/spraypaint eagle

An awesome fire version

This reminded me of when I used to doodle and fill in opposing colours just like this. Only I was in grade 4 or five 

Kinda like the basic Windows Xp wallpaper orly more flat 

I havn't decided if this is a cool picture or an amazing photoshop job 
old old old school wallpaper circa like 2005

I think its a rainbow star

alone on the field... to sit under that tree for an hour one could understand the universe

blaaa on second thought I dont actually like this one 

This however is one of my top 20 wallpapers. the speed the blur the lights just everything comes together so well it calmes me down and hypes me up


Mister Sharaf said...

very nice

tigey said...

Agree, the speed the blur and everything makes that wallpaper great

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