I Just Watched...Restrepo

Well the second movie watched tonight was Restrepo, a 2010 documentary about the most deadly area of combat in the recent Afghanistan conflict. Seem as if tonight is all about amazing documentaries which draw well at Sundance. As we all know the war in Afghanistan has been going on for almost ten years now, and i can say that honestly there has been little mention of it in the newspaper, radio and online. Even though its been going on all this time today its kinda just known that its happening and not shown. Restrepo follows a company of soldiers as they head to the deadliest valley in all of afghanistan. 1/3rd of all ammunition both bullets and bombs were used in this valley and to follow these soldiers around for a full year... it was enlightening.

To watch the footage of them become ambushed on hills, or picked off by snippers... its something you should watch. Much like Gasland this film opens you to a world that has been happening, but that none of us really knew what looked like.


Next up 2006 Jesus Camp


Smile said...

Will look it up u made me curious

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