Wallpapers 0027

some minimalist hipster glasses for yall

oh god of war id let you rip out my heart any day

a tranquil lake at what looks like at sunset

Part of a series of cool buildings. Im not sure if ive mentioned it before but I love interesting architecture.

another one. cool column 

Maybe what google will look like in 1000 years.

An oldy. I think its like ghosts in the mists.

Abstract colouring

im not really sure what this is, but you might see something like this when you go to tron

hahahahahahhaa just put this on full screen and just stare. guaranteed to trip even the sober 

some green goodness for you all


Mister Sharaf said...

great walls

Das Auto! said...

that's a beautiful sunset, thanks for the continuous supply of wallpapers man

Major.Mack said...

good shit

Smile said...

the third one is peaceful and quiet i like that

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