I Just Watched...Gasland

Welcome again to another night of movie watching miracles! I don't think ill watch as many as last time but who knows. Most nights I very much enjoy a good documentary, especially when it hits close to heart. My friend recently told me about Gasland which premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Utah and he said that it was definitely worth any download wait. (btw yes I do download movies, but if I really enjoy them or deem them amazing ill go out and purchase them.)

He was right. Koodos to you Anthony. Gasland is all about natural gas drilling, specifically hydraulic fracturing. Basically with this method its been found that natural gas will often seep into the areas watershed and contaminate it along with the 600+ chemicals used in the drilling process. However Former Vice President Dick Chaney during his tenure in office manipulated many of the environmental laws to allow this type of drilling to be practically un regulated. This results in thousands of people getting sick, water that you can light on fire and large corporations doing nothing.

I suggest you watch this as it follows a dark discovery that the worlds natural beauty is slowly and surly being dismantled and poisoned and I feel that this is more shocking than the Cove. (2009 Documentary exposing the asian trade of dolphin killing)



erics said...

i heard them talk about this on the radio and i've been wanting to watch it since but haven't had the time. according to the radio and your review, it looks like i'll have to get onto it.

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