I just Watched...The American

Well I just watched the American, 2010 drama about George Clooney as an old assassin trying his best to not get killed. Yeah it was interesting and yes it was visually beautiful but im not sure if its my tendency to have fast pasted films or just whatever mood I was in but this film...is...dreadfully....slow.

This slowness worked perfectly for the film, when ever he was driving somewhere there would be several shots both in and out of car and landscape which were visually quite well done but still the pacing trudges along at the speed of an elephant. Im pretty sure sure a good third of the film were long shots or b roll which although captured the italian beauty quite well...were not needed.

Overall this is a slow movie, its good but slow.



Major.Mack said...

Yeah Clooneys a HO

erics said...

clooney has been appearing in a lot of films lately. great to see him back.

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