Wallpapers 0022

If your a regular here you know i love me my Starwars wallpapers!

These first three are all labeled epic in my folder....enough said I think

Now this would be a wicked ass fight to witness 

some nice photoshopping skills

Fun fact: I used to want to be an astronaut and am kinda still obsessed with space. This wallpaper... ten out of ten in my books

One concert I would def want to go see

Imagine if one opened for the other! personally I think trek would open for wars...although I would be interested as to what everyone else thought

I think this is from the Moscow Subway system. If you ever have some spare time check out other photos of it. some of the stations are like museums of art

My cinematography teacher Min Bae...would say this is a safe picture.

A nice picture of a lens.


Smile said...

the second one is great indeed

Mister Sharaf said...

great walls

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