Team fortress 2

I dont know...what this is

Are you right or left


I just Watched...Conan Obrien Cant Stop

Earlier this morning I finally finished my eagerly anticipated download of Conan Obrien Cant Stop, a documentary about his cross country tour last year while he was publicly bared from appearing on TV, internet or radio by NBC. I was really excited about this when it aired at Sundance at the beginning of the year as Im personally a strong Conan fan and regularly watch the Conan show and listen to the team Coco podcast. Did this live up to the hype or did it fall short? Find out after the break.

I was so excited for this. So pumped to watch Conan and his crew travel across the country and experience so much of the amazingness discussed on the show and a lot of the inside jokes from the Team Coco podcast. Since he was fucked over by NBC Conan was bared from appearing on any TV, Radio or internet in return for a healthy sum of money for Conan and his loyal crew who just a year before had uprooted their lives from the west coast and traveled to the other side of the country to New York. Practically the only this conan could do was put on a live tour which is what he decided to do. Watching Conan push the button to tweet news of this tour and then seeing when almost half of the 40 odd tour sold out within hours. 

Little snippits of his life like this are cool along with the main crew dealing with the billions of problems that came up during the tour. The problem is that this is all assembled with little overall flow and feels very put together at the last moment. The overall themes of Conan getting tired are not displayed artistically enough and there are few amazing moments. 

I wish I could live his life. He really works non stop and he even says he cant stop and just cant stand still. Hes one of my favourite heros and i really respect him, im just concerned that one day he will stop and burn out. Id suggest if you can find it.

Theatre: Yes
Download: Yes
Stream: Yes
Buy: No
Pass: Yes

say it five times fast

Bioware releases SWTOR developer walkthrough for Esseles flashpoint

Now some sick dubstep

Are you guys ready for some sick dubstep tracks...well here ya go.

mobile gaming

its got a point

Consider the following

New MASTODON again!

I love mastodon....and kinda like the transformers movies...TADA!

I want to work here


ahhhhh mind blown

Get Succesful in Life!: Persistence

Get Succesful in Life!: Persistence: "Persistence is important, vital even, and requires a concerted effort of will and stamina to maintain. But it is not an end in it self..."

that wasn't supposed to happen

Want to hear a funny story? Well Ive been exploring other blogger platforms and attempted to transfer some of my posts over to my wifihighfive tumblr HERE and it just so happened that all my posts were to be re posted to twitter. So in the span of thirty seconds I sent out close to 200 tweets before twitter was like hmm whats going on here and closed the tweet door for me today.  The final lesson is that you gotta watch out what yer doing.

then and now

Fun link of the day: first person tetris

So heres a concept that you need to try first before you understand it. First person tetris... what does it mean and how does it play? find out after the click on the LINK

Fellow bloggers

Attention fellow bloggers. If you are also on the cool thing called Twitter we should do some link trading! Might I suggest that we combine forces to advertise and anyone who posts a link of one of my fabulous postings will get one of their posts linked on my twitter for all my 655 follows to take a look at... sounds like a great deal eh :P

ComicCon The Old republic pannel

Margin Call Trailer

Lion verses Tuna

Transformers dark of the moon

Hey guys so im writing my review of transformers dark of the moon right now and stumbled on this amazing link on some of the sound effects from the film. check it out

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Transformers: Dark of the Moon from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Yay conan

Fun link of the day: trippy

Just wow ready for reality to become something you go!


Oh rly?

This is Buzz Aldrin and he actually is a rocket scientist.

Behind the scenes of the Hobbit #3

new tim and eric.

well as you may know two of my personal heros are the comedy duo tim and eric. Here they are talking to a bunch of kids about stuff... well the link insnt working so just go here....HERE

the amazing spiderman trailer

Batman movies


So Sad

WTF am I watching!

WTF am I watching!

go tiny dog go

some food for thought


Look at this ladies and gents we have a redesign on our hands. Take a look around and tell me what you think :D The only thing I can think of right at this moment is the fact that the in default text size is way too small even when I try to make it larger... another problem to overcome!

John Carter

kenny fucken powers


weird hands fighting

OMFG the greatest starwars game ever

This is an independent student project but holly fuck this is incredible i need to play this!

The Dark Knight Rises

Soak this in....mmmm feels good

Dont look away

no billboards


Im proud to announce that my search for a redesign for the wifihighfive has accelerated to the second phase and that it will soon be progressing to a point where you the reader will begin to notice changes to the site. I have for the last couple weeks been looking at alternatives to the current design and been searching for ways to improve the site and have taken many of my findings to a trusted source to work some internet magic on it.

Before I dive deep into site reconstruction I want to know what you the average reader wants more or less of in the version 2.0 of the site. cheers.

How to make a resume good

Hey guys in this competitive job market resumes are no longer just a piece of paper that you give to some man in a suit. Now video resumes are taking over and are getting people jobs that you want and need. Check out after the break for a neat infochart.

Meth: not even once

Hell and Back again Trailer

Hell and Back Again clip from Danfung Dennis on Vimeo.

The making of the hobbit

Well currently the second block of movies from tokens epic tales are being made into cinema gold by peter jackson and they just released their second behind the scenes short. this one has to deal with location shooting which actually made my eyes well with tears of joy at some of the visuals. These guys are on the very very example of what I want to be doing when I get into film and its kinda awe inspiring to see it.

this changes everything

I will make this

Dig in champs

Farewell old friend

For 30 years you have inspired me and pushed me to become my best. Although I realized I may never go down your path of adventure I have always had in my heart a dream that someday I might. Farewell old friend enjoy your retirement.

I want to live here

The end of blogger

So seems like google has decided to get rid of blogger...and remake it as google blogs? not really sure how this will turn up but hopefully it wont go the way of geocities back in the hayday of the internet..


brain melt

i just watched this and had my brain melt..i dont understand at allllllll how they did this

classical music win or fail?

Real Photoshop

Bubble Time

do not try this at home

conans carpool

what if maseffect joined toy story?

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