I just Watched...Conan Obrien Cant Stop

Earlier this morning I finally finished my eagerly anticipated download of Conan Obrien Cant Stop, a documentary about his cross country tour last year while he was publicly bared from appearing on TV, internet or radio by NBC. I was really excited about this when it aired at Sundance at the beginning of the year as Im personally a strong Conan fan and regularly watch the Conan show and listen to the team Coco podcast. Did this live up to the hype or did it fall short? Find out after the break.

I was so excited for this. So pumped to watch Conan and his crew travel across the country and experience so much of the amazingness discussed on the show and a lot of the inside jokes from the Team Coco podcast. Since he was fucked over by NBC Conan was bared from appearing on any TV, Radio or internet in return for a healthy sum of money for Conan and his loyal crew who just a year before had uprooted their lives from the west coast and traveled to the other side of the country to New York. Practically the only this conan could do was put on a live tour which is what he decided to do. Watching Conan push the button to tweet news of this tour and then seeing when almost half of the 40 odd tour sold out within hours. 

Little snippits of his life like this are cool along with the main crew dealing with the billions of problems that came up during the tour. The problem is that this is all assembled with little overall flow and feels very put together at the last moment. The overall themes of Conan getting tired are not displayed artistically enough and there are few amazing moments. 

I wish I could live his life. He really works non stop and he even says he cant stop and just cant stand still. Hes one of my favourite heros and i really respect him, im just concerned that one day he will stop and burn out. Id suggest if you can find it..watch it.

Theatre: Yes
Download: Yes
Stream: Yes
Buy: No
Pass: Yes


Shaw said...

I really want to see this

TheUndeclaredWinner said...

Personally I'm not a Conan fan, but he's a great Comedian & Actor, I really respect him, and his work. Nice post.

my day in a sentence said...

Oh, I didn't know this was out!

LoneIslander said...

Sounds pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

never heard of him

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