how people use wifi on airplanes

I want

fun link of the day: minus

just discovered minus with up to 10 gigs of cloud storage! Even better you can share files up to 2 gigs which is pretty huge so yeah. check it out and tell me what you think

Halo 4 concept video

Heres a video of some concept art from next years halo 4. looks interesting and cant wait to kill some slugs.

very true

i love my country

which one would you choose?

Uncle Grandpa

Knock Knock

how to ruin someones day


over the last couple months ive been playing more and more video games after a very busy year where video games were almost phased out out my life. Mostly its been starcraft 2 but more than that, ive begun to watch professional matches between pros. Im 22 and never really identified with traditional sports, but when two top players in starcraft are playing i actually get excited. So if you havn't got into e-sports yet, dont worry because its growing at an exponential rate and soon it will be main stream and all us geeks can be happy.

*Success, Money, Life.: A Dear Companion

*Success, Money, Life.: A Dear Companion: Ha.. clever.
" Hello, Future. Its been a long time since I've seriously took the time to appreciate and think about you, but here I...

fun link of the day: super smash wow


will blow the mind of your childhood

le cafe

adventure time nails

Adventure Time Nails.

Everyone smile

Oh no

Louis Ck doing his thing on Conan

starwars the clone wars season four

Season four looks goood :D

before and after ipad


Oh watermelon


omg so incredible

obama what a punk

you are in my world now batman


Bollywood understood

Well I’ve become employed on large Bollywood comedy shooting for the next couple weeks. It’s the first time that ive had on set experience filming this way and let me say that overall the experience is surreal. Up until this moment ive been on mostly student or independent sets and truly its quite different. To sum it up there appears to be little to no creativity. Everything within the story, shots, script and setups is so over the top and cliché that it appears as though the goal is to make this movie exactly like thousands of other ones.  Where most of my film career has been focused upon doing something new or creative and finding out how to create things that  merge the boundary between audience and film this entire system appears to be completely backwards. Strange thought. 

Detective Dee Trailer

This looks extreme

imaginary forces trailer

Imaginary Forces Teaser from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.


Inside job: London RIots

A great Tv doc about the london riots happening this past weekend.

VERY badass

By your command

This is devin townsend with the actual mix of them playing live. pretty tight stuff

Yo Yo champion

wow...this guy puts the back the cool back in yo yos.

Adventure time Season three Episode five

Community bloopers

One of my favourite shows is Community.

food for thought

100 years of special effects

fun link of the day:futurama wallpapers

Wow so found cool link for a tonne of futurama wallpapers. check it out and tell me which ones you like.



same guy posted a lot of sick starwars wallpapers. check them out here


I want these lamps

Trailer the darkest hour

aliens made out of energy....

How companies are using social media

Something fresh

Its not often that I find something on the internet that is so fresh and unique that I stop and devote a large amount of time to it. Ive seen some pretty amazing celebratory pictures but honestly this has to be one of the best collections out there. Here are some examples and click the link at the bottom for more :)

Are you ready?

fun link of the day:running water on mars

Apparently nasa has discovered that there may be running water on mars! It seems every couple months now that we get a fascinating new tidbit about the red planet such as there there is water, possible bacteria, and now running water! check out the link HERE


Just take the stairs


Do the pocket spin!

sex verses cell phones which would you choose


starts slow but when it speeds up it goes all the way to 11

Mac 'n' Cheese from Mac 'N' Cheese on Vimeo.

What a wonderful idea

I can only imagine

The bad ass mayor in the world

twenty million kids

some food for thought 2

fun link of the day:NOOOOOOOO

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