Making ambient music

check out my first attempt at making some ambient music

Lodge slow by DerrickO

What im listening to right now

Right now this is giving me mad writing influence. very chillout ambient whitenoise.

Question of the Day: To Blog or not to Blog?

Every day in Egypt the region becomes more and more deadly. Mass rioting and looting all over the country has resulted in hundreds dead and thousands of priceless artifacts from museums being taken or destroyed. And the more pressing issue that the internet was shut off...makes me concerned. I use the internet almost from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed; be it at home, at school, on set pretty much all the time I like being hooked into it and I very much enjoy the ability to upload my thoughts, opinions, pictures, movies and whatever I want, whenever I want. If that was taken away I really do not know what I would do, which raises a someone rhetorical question to everyone here on blogger following me.

Wallpapers 0036

Question of the Day: Is Egypt Important?

Shit is hitting the fan in Egypt. The entire country is in an uproar and protesting the president and his corrupt government even with it being replaced yesterday. There has been epic chaos in the streets as protesters have clashed with the army and police and some very graphic images have been coming out of the country..until they shut off the internet. The protest has been coordinated over social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter which prompted the government to shut down all of Egypt's internet providers. Which leads to my question of the day.

"Which concerns you more; the civil unrest in Egypt, the violence between protesters and police, or the total shut down of the Internet in Egypt?"

Personally the shut down of the Internet is very concerning just as Obama is reviewing a bill proposing a switch for the United States Internet and it could be the beginning of a slippery slope. Yesterdays question of the day discovered that most people don't really have allergies although there are some allergic to peanuts, dust and chocolate. Erics asked for the rest of my pudding and ill be sending that via catapult. Tell me what you think about this Egypt situation and you could be featured in tomorrows question of the day!

I Just Watched...The Social Network

I just watched The Social Network and well this isn't the first time i've seen The Social Network, in fact it's around the third or the forth. In case you have been living in a hole on Mars, The Social Network tells the backstory of how everyones website; Facebook, was founded, conceived, stolen and branded to become the greatest thing since sliced bread. The movie along with the site, was extremely well received and actually got eight oscar nods including best picture, but is it as good as everyone says it is? Find out after the break!

today on set

Well today I was on set nice and early, this time in front of the camera instead of behind. Im trying to make this work with my template but so far its a fail. any who check it out

Question of the Day: puddin it in

Well i just made some home made chocolate pudding. I was so excited for it but when I started to eat it, for whatever reason my mouth began to get numb and tingle. So it appears as if I unfortunately am allergic to pudding, quite sad and quite disappointing as it in fact is one of my favourite foods. This leads to todays question of the day!

Fun Link of the Day: Most amazing action scene ever!

Todays fun link of the day is actually an amazing video. Prepare to have your jaw hanging.


Woot 100 followers! here is a special treat for you from me.

Wallpapers 0035

Question of the Day: Drawings of the body

Well yesterday was long and difficult but resulted in some great interviews. We interviewed four separate people in three great locations each with very unique challenges! We talked with the owner of 3 Gyros about how competing in the salad dressing market was hard but very rewarding. He had a cool greek tattoo which leads to my question of the day!

Question of the Day: An Early Morning

I love when my body bucks my natural sleep rhythm and wakes me up at six am. Especially when I was supposed to get up at seven for a long day of shooting interviews where every ounce of sleep that I acquire now means a better work day later. Whatever ill sleep when i'm dead. Todays question of the day has to deal with sleep!

"On average do you get the recommended eight hours of sleep a day?"

Personally my normal non-school day schedule has become sleep at 4am up at 12pm but on a good day its 2 to 10. I manage to usually get in my eight but don't turn to a grouch until under six!  Tell me what its like in your pillow country and you could be featured in tomorrows question of the day!

Charlex Productions

Have you ever heard of Charlex Productions? Me neither until this morning when my friend featured one of their commercials on his tumbr. I suggest you check out some of them!


Not really a content heavy day but just thought id update. Well basically yesterday I presented my final project proposal to my advanced production program and was selected among with two other fantastic ideas to be completed by the class. Im exited that ill be working with such creative people to bring my story to life. Below is a short synopsis!


A picture that moved me


check out this crazy guy!

cool videos!

New and Old

Hey yall its that time where I must delete old wallpapers to bring in new ones. So check out these old collections before they leave the internet forever!

Wallpaper 6
Wallpaper 7
Wallpaper 8
Wallpaper 9
Wallpaper 10

In 48 hours ill be taking down these posts to make more room so if its tuesday you might not be able to check them out so get them while their hot!

Btw guys here is a great track by a great Canadian Band! Protest the Hero

I Just Watched...Megamind

Well I just watched Megamind; Dreamwork Animations latest and greatest 3D animated film with an all star cast, staring Brad Pitt, Johan Hill, and Tina Fey, Will Farrel and David Cross.  Not too shabby at all for voice talent and actually if you head over to the wiki there’s even more stellar voice cast list which really surprised me. Any who is the voice cast the best part of this super hero 3D epic, or is it one of many tent poles of amazing? Find out after the break.

I Just Watched...Control Room

I just finished watching Control Room; a controversial 2004 doc about the Arab language television news network Al Jazeera and its activities during the war in Iraq. Also covered quite finely in the film is the use of media by the United States Military during the war in Iraq to manipulate the information to always be biased to the American Cause. I will admit that this shocking documentary has certain elements of biased in it, but it should be noted that with any article be it film, print or otherwise, dealing with biased in the media, biased will always be present. Find out what I thought after the break.

Fun Link of the Day: Do Nothing for 2 minutes

In the busy life that we all live, with technology making our life a constant blur of instant information sometimes its good to just do nothing for 2 minutes. Anyone that can complete the challenge I shall email you ten internet points!

A Poem by Derrick: Planet Earth

Planet Earth.
I live on you,
You let me live on you.
I know I take you for granted,
But you allow me to stay.
From your mighty mountains,
to your glorious valleys.
From the deepest oceans,
to the largest forests.
There is beauty everywhere.
Thank you

NBC Comedy Thursday

Kay so NBC Comedy Thursday kicked off for the new year tonight, with a whole sleuth of shows starting at eight and ending at eleven. Its six different shows all with different levels of comedy and in my opinion it’s a stellar idea having a comedy night with new episodes available all on the same day and with the wide variety there is something for everyone and anyone.  Community, Perfect Couples, The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock and Outsourced make for a great evening of laughs so take a look and find out which shows I think you should watch after the break.

Amazing Bike Rider

Are you in the mood for some intense bike riding? Good this guy succeeds and fails but manages to shock and wow me every time I see it. Danny Macaskill is incredible and check it out after the break

Wallpapers 0038

A beautiful purple sea

Brand new changes~

As you can see I have a new custom theme for the wifihighfive and am in the process of finishing off all the bells and whistles. hopefully you can still enjoy and i greatly appreciate any comments or questions anyone has.


The redesign is in progress and here are some of the rescaled images im gonna use for the new wifihighfive. Take a look

The future of transportation

The government has been cracking down on our God-given right to text while driving, so Swedish engineers have been working tirelessly to develop self driving cars to alleviate the dreadful legislation. Financed by the European Commission, the engineers behind project SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) have created a working method of linking cars together to form a virtual conga-line.

Fun Link of the Day: Abandoned Russian Space Complex

Hey remember when NASA sent those guys to space? Well turns out the russians also were trying to do that, they just went to big too fast and did a face plant. Check out some photos and the link after the break.

I just Watched...Body of Lies

Well I just watched Body of Lies, a 2008 politicaction (thats political action) spy film directed by Ridley Scott and staring Russel Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio. This film takes us all over the middle east and shows us the dirty side of what happens on the street with plain shirt anti terrorism agents and how they interact with various government agencies, terrorists, and everyone in between. Find out what I thought after the break.

The Wonderful World of Trailers: Rubber

Monkeying Around...

Hey guys I'll be monkeying a bit around with the settings over the next couple days and would love some of your input as to what works, what doesn't work and what you want to see and possibly how your doing it at your own space. The content is staying the same...Just getting prettier. 

Whats changing:
1) Starting to implement jump breaks into content and wallpapers.
2) Added links within for related posts
3) Font changes
4) A possible Logo Redesign

A Poem by Derrick: Getting a new email

I've finally had enough.
Im done with you Hotmail.
I hate how you are always so sketch.
I think someone else is touching you.
I never sent these dozen emails about larger penis's.
After seven long years its time we break up.
Goodbye old Hotmail.
Hello Sexy Gmail.

Been busy working for the man

Been super busy this weekend working on my portfolio for cinematography class which resulted in me not sleeping but resulted in putting together a pretty spectacular series of pictures. All these are taken with a Canon AE-1 with a 50mm lens. Enjoy and please give me comments as to what you think...

Want to have a great hour?

I love ambient music. And I love good movie soundtracks. When you slow down a song super slow around 400 to 1000X iconic melodies become incredible ambient hours. Here is Jurassic Park slowed down 1000 percent.

Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower) by birdfeeder

Anyone out there watch The Clone Wars?

Hey you guyyss! anyone else watch the clone wars? IF you don't, it's a cg cartoon series which takes place between Starwars episode 2 and 3 and details the many battles which take place during the clone wars. Anywho just watched the second episode of the second half of the third season (a bit confusing but it was like S03E13 or something like that) and i gotta say they are really turning around the bummer third season. First and Second season had good rhythm of action episodes, to political episodes but for whatever reason practically all the episodes beginning this season were super boring or followed the adventures of Padme. Who wants to follow Padme?

Anyways this half so far has had large battles both space and on the ground and tones of references to the expanded universe! lets hope it only gets better

Wallpapers 0037

A quiet beach to sip a drink on

I just Watched...Taxi to the Dark Side

Well I just watched...Taxi to the Dark Side...and that's where the fun ends. This 2007 documentary about the horrors which occurred within the American Bagram Air Base, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay during the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is gripping, raw and powerful.  It's by far one of the most shocking documentaries I've ever seen and several times throughout it I realized that my jaw had been on the ground for ten minutes or so. Sobering thoughts ahead.

I Just Watched...The Mummy

I just watched...The Mummy for like the billionth time and let me say I love this series. The mummy is one of the core movies which dominated my childhood along with Zoolander, Starwars Episode 1, and Gladiator and every time it's on tv these days no matter what I'm doing when I see it I get super nostalgic and half to watch it.

wallpapers 0036

Some out of focus fun

Wallpapers not working

well apparently i'm out of storage space on the google servers. Therefore, I have to start deleting my earliest posts so if you havn't checked them out..go take a look at the first ten as i'll be taking them down to make room for all new wallpapers. LINK

Who likes to rock the party..and break the forth wall

Album of the Month...January 2011

Well I think that i'm gonna start a new monthly segment showcasing an album that i'm really digging. So here we go...

This months album of the month is Jonsi's debut solo cd Go. I actually discovered this during the christmas break when snooping around the top 30 most played cds of 2010, and the second I played it my eyes sorta dilated and I totally agreed. Although its hard to say exactly what genre it is, I would suggest that it's a mix of icelandic ambient post-rock with a mix of baroque pop.  Thats a large jumble of words but I must protest that Go has all these elements woven into a basket of pure musical creativity that simply has no equal.

Although Jonsi is the singer and guitarist of post rock giant Sigur Ros he takes everything that is good from them and compresses them into shorter song structure, overlaying them with both english and icelandic melodies and lyrics for a truly heart moving performance. Jonsi's haunting soaring falsetto voice plays as the main corse, lifting me to the backs of a bird and flinging me to my inner child.

When I listen to this... I feel like i'm going through a Wily Wonka tour of Iceland. That i'm on a train heading over mountains and valleys of a simpler time and that any problem that is bothering me wont matter until i'm finished this 40 minute masterpiece. I love post-rock and how it makes me feel, but Go...takes me further, sends me higher and makes me more peace filled than I'm accustomed to feeling from music.

To see more music that I dig check out my page


not sure if this is right or wrong

I Just Watched...Last Train Home

Well it’s that time again although today's a bit unorthodox. I just finished watching Last Train Home, a documentary about the largest yearly human migration on the planet. It takes place in China every year during the Chinese New Year in which 130 million people travel home to be with their families. I actually watched three quarters of the film during the break and for whatever reason had to stop watching and I just managed to finish it today.

Wallpapers 0035

mmm macro of a leaf

Wallpapers 0034

a peaceful windy day

I just Watched...Exit Through The Gift Shop

I Just Watched Exit Through The Gift Shop. Now i've been looking for this film for a good six months and been searching ever torrent site for a decent version of the film but they would always be fucked up until found this one. I believe when I found it i jumped in the air with joy because every single thing i'd heard about this film were super positive and that i had to check it out. So the ride was set and all i had to do was hit the ejection button and fly into a world of discovery!

One hundred Internets

One hundred Internets to who ever can explain this Tim and Eric gem to me...

Wallpapers 0033

hmm not really sure what this is could be a tire or a cup of tea.

Woot for Jurassic Park

Double woot for Jurassic Park

mmmm i love me some Katy Perry...with no top on mmm

Kerrigan one sexy bitch

A huge satellite for speaking with aliens

a soccer ball

very nice composition trees framing the volcano

bamboo black and white

yay for cg

haha I love polar bears

prepare to have mind blown

Back in Windsor

Well my winter break is over. I just returned to my house in windsor and actually it was colder inside than it was outside as the furnace had been off. Only 2 degrees inside but already its up to 18 and still climbing thank god

Wallpapers 0032

Normal wallpaper of a desk or a fence

light tiger

the far east of japan

Jedi Jesus taking names and kicking ass

Our finest troops defending freedom from people who dont like freedom

Possibly an ocean on pandora

The lovely coast

A jet taking off I think from an air craft carrier. Dream job aww yeah

Another amazing pic of an military aircraft. wow lots today about violence. 

I just Watched...Flight of the Concord's

I'm still watching season 2 of Flight of the Concords.

But hold the phone you might be saying! That's not a movie at all! and you're still watching it! Breaking all the rules...well yes I am and it's my own rules that I'm breaking so ha. Well if you have never heard of Flight of the Concords it is an amazing show by the comedy folk duo from New Zealand. It's all about them living in New York trying to become a successful band. It's hilarious with multiple songs and jokes and everything important in a well rounded independent production which happens to air on HBO.  Their musical numbers are all original and you can easily sink a full day into it so be warned.

I just Watched...Four Lions

I just watched four lions. The first half is alright the middle sixth is pretty good and the last third is amazing lol. SO 2010s four lions is about a bunch of really really stupid terrorists who try to blow up the establishment but fuck up so much, that they have to do it their own bazaar way. They end up winning some and losing others to great laughs of delight from me. It has its hilarious moments and its amazing moments but I think the best part is the solid acting from the principals, with characters able to improv their parts perfectly meshing with the documentary/mocumentary style of filming; absolutely spot on.

I really didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I did, and it truly is a fun underground quirky british laugh. It makes fun of so many serious things while still bringing light to serious issues a definite win in my books.


Next up 2009s Last Train Home

I just Watched...Never Let Me Go

I watched Never Let Me Go this morning. Like several films I review on here Never Let Me Go just didn't get a chance to be seen by a large audience or only did the festival circuit and it really is a shame because this is now among my top ten films of 2010.  I really don't want to give away anything because I went into this film knowing nothing based on some awesome reviews and had my heart weep at how simple, slow, deep, well acted and just overall amazing it was.  I want you all to watch it asap

check um -> 10/10

Wallpapers 0031

One of my Favourites. I worte a spec script about this character and feel that it would be very interesting concept for a short.

A modern glass wall

Happy saint patties day. I hope the luck of the Irish is with you

One of my original wallpapers that adorned my old pc

Another oldie but a goodie

One thing the nazis did well was make kick ass medals. everything else..not so much. 

BTW id like to address how I have 4-5 nazi wallpapers in my collection. I think what the nazis did in WW2 was horrendous and was a unspeakable horror show everyday. Some Alt Art about them however is kinda interesting.

A cool iron man type robot

lol iron man

I love my starwars and i love it with it's a trap

I also love lego
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