I just Watched...Body of Lies

Well I just watched Body of Lies, a 2008 politicaction (thats political action) spy film directed by Ridley Scott and staring Russel Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio. This film takes us all over the middle east and shows us the dirty side of what happens on the street with plain shirt anti terrorism agents and how they interact with various government agencies, terrorists, and everyone in between. Find out what I thought after the break.

Okay lets get into this. Body of Lies is long, but not the bad long. Surprisingly it's a well thought out story with just enough fancy military tech to wow me, while still not making it seem syfi, and still managing to have some great explosions and gun fights. The world is so well created that without it beating obvious with a stick, I believe that this could of all happened. Leo plays a plain clothes CIA operative hunting for terrorists all over the middle east while Crowe plays the perfect cruel CIA hander back in the states willing to break any law or promise to get what he wants. He only has to read reports about the informants killed and tortured while Leo is there when the planned operation goes wrong and his contacts and friends get stabbed in the back.

You may remember when I watched Taxi to the Darkside I was shocked at what some of the United States Military was doing behind closed doors.  This was an excellent dramatization of what happens when the CIA doesn't even let it get to the door, and even though it clocked in at just under two hours at an hour ten the movie becomes insanely more interesting and becomes an even better movie.

Before 1h10m: 7/10
After 1h10m:9/10


whatshouldibuytoday said...

Haven't seen this movie yet! Might consider.

tigey said...

Sounds like a good action movie

Major.Mack said...

yeah i guess ill check it out but, Decaprio/Crowe are a couple of HOs

Mister Sharaf said...

meh, watch it and dont like it..

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