wallpapers 0036

Some out of focus fun

Whatever city this is..I want to be that

A giant globe and I giant sky

Cat fun

One of my favourite wallpapers all the colours make it a rainbow of the world

Loved lost...hated the end

LOL batman

the london sky at night....a lot of dead space unfortunately make this pic loose ten points

This one of the other hand...very good


Das Auto! said...

I like the London wallpaper since i've been there. i hated the Lost ending as well btw, it answered nothing and pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors of the 5th wallpaper. They are so vivid I like how they all blend with each other :D

Derrick O said...

@thenitefalls yeah it was on my extra monitor for like six months. @das Auto apparently they are making a spin off with Ben and Hurley

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Dead space is good in wallpaper. Great images tend to be great for hiding icons.

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