NBC Comedy Thursday

Kay so NBC Comedy Thursday kicked off for the new year tonight, with a whole sleuth of shows starting at eight and ending at eleven. Its six different shows all with different levels of comedy and in my opinion it’s a stellar idea having a comedy night with new episodes available all on the same day and with the wide variety there is something for everyone and anyone.  Community, Perfect Couples, The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock and Outsourced make for a great evening of laughs so take a look and find out which shows I think you should watch after the break.

Community: 8 Eastern NBC
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I absolutely love this show. Its quirky, loveable, witty and has been acclaimed by critics up and down the board for its new take on the traditional ensemble comedy set up. I know I can speak with everyone who has ever sunk an hour or two into watching a couple episodes of this clever half hour show, that it could be the best comedy on television today. And with only one season under its belt, its easy to jump in now and enjoy the ride with the rest of us. Defiantly check it out. 10/10

Perfect Couples: 830 Eastern NBC
Hmm well this was the season premier of Perfect Couples and it follows three couples who are all best friends with each other and constantly have each others lives bleed into each otheres. It features Olivia Munn of Attack of the Show fame, one of my favorite video game shows on G4 and although she was in Iron Man 2, and took some incredible pictures for Maxim she will always be my favorite video games chick. Oh yeah back to the show, well it was a pilot and it was funny at times but enough miss for me to want more. Hopefully they meet the sweet spot soon. 6/10

The Office: 9 Eastern NBC
Im not sure what to say about The Office other than for me its become the standard for comedy, sorta like the Simpsons but for live action. It doesn’t make me slap my knee any more but I enjoy some of the good jabs and secret humor. My major concern is that they are planning on continuing it after Steve Carrel leaves, which in my opinion is not a good idea as he’s the driving force behind the laughs. 7/10

Parks and Recreation: 930 Eastern NBC
AHHH! Parks and Recreation is back finally! Thank god its been almost a full year since new episodes were coming out. I got into this show over the summer, sped through the first two seasons and died when I had to wait this long for season three to begin. It’s made by the same people as The Office ,but its what The Office used to be in its hay day; Outlandish statements, craziness in every episode, and an insanely loveable and deep plot. I love shows with idiots who bring crazy with them where ever they go and each and every character here, has a different crazy which they use to win and fail. I love this show and you know it’s a good show when you sing along to the title screen. 8.5/10

30 Rock: 10 Eastern NBC
If you are not watching 30 Rock regularly grab a plate and smash it over your head. You MUST watch 30 Rock if you want to laugh as it’s practically guaranteed that you will be laughing for half or so of each 30 minute episode and with five seasons under its belt, you got a good couple days of smiles ahead. 10/10

Outsourced: 1030 Eastern NBC
I hate this show. Its fake crap and I just hate it. In my opinion they try to hard to be multicultural and It’s just not my cup of tea and after watching a bunch of the first season…for me it’s a pass.  3/10

Well theres NBC Comedy Thursday. What do you think about these shows and what should I be checking out also.


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