I just watched: Contagion

I just got home from watching Steven Soderbergh's latest triumph film Contagion. Ive been following this film for a while and have been quite excited to actually see it. An well woven story, stellar casting with superb acting along with a subtle yet impact full score creates a wonderful cinematic adventure. Basically Contagion shows how the world would react and survive with a un survivable worldwide epidemic rippled through the population. find out what I thought after the break. 

A bit of a side story but where I'm from in London we had an IMAX theatre there for around ten years and while it was there I would frequent it quite often, usually for the IMAX documentaries and occasionally some great hollywood films like The Matrix Revolution. However due to others not seeing the amazingness of a five story tall with amazing clarity, superior sound and just overall the greatest theatres in the world, it closed down around six years ago and I haven't been back until today and let me say that I really missed it. Any who back to the main, we went and saw Contagion in the new Windsor IMAX theatre and am so glad that I did. The film is gorgeous and had filming all around the world, included Atlanta, Chicago, Dubai, Minneapolis, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia and Malaysia. The film is as colourful as the plot and really adds to the global issues brought up.

One of the primary exceptional parts is the best imaginable cast including Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gweneth Paltrow, Larence Fishburne, Marion Cotillard and a surprising minor role with Demitri Martin. All these characters interact with each other and with the multitude of plot lines so well that what begins as a series of different stories are in the end interwoven into a plot basket so well that to take out one then entire deck of cards would fall. From the Word Health Organization field workers tracking to source of the infection to upper level government officials trying not to have the country burn down, the story has many layers that work well together.

Perhaps the best part of this film is the score. Id never heard of any of Cliff Martinez's previous soundtracks but this one really stuck with me. He uses pulsing beats to create a overall tension in the air and even postulate that things are not as they seem. it provides some great misdirection and works wonders in the story. As I said before, there are many many different characters stories all going on at the same time and although most are handled with a beginning middle and end, there are a couple that slip off the radar for large gaps throughout the film. Steven is known for releasing great extended director cuts and i very much cant wait to see deleted scenes that i presume will solve this. Although it was sorta long at 2 hours i truly wouldn't mind watching another hour of it, cause its just that good.

Few films cause a paradime shift in the way you see the world. the realization that an epidemic could be  spread just by touching a hand rail alerted me greatly and also the little tidbit that we on average touch our faces around 3-5 times a minute even more causes me some distress. This movie showed me what would happen if a disease was to kill one in four people it came in contact with and gave a baseline as to how ready you would have to be to survive living in your house for a year to avoid contact. (I would not last long.) Go see this film now! Dont walk but run to your theatre

Theatre: Yes
Download: Yes
Stream: Yes
Buy: Yes
Pass: No


AllenTesch said...

I really wanted to see it, but thought that it might just be Outbreak with a bigger named cast. I'll go now.

Alpha said...


FinBis said...

Oh wow! Finally something worth seeing! I'll actually try to see it in a cinema!

1904 Blogger said...


Melanie said...

Hmmm, perhaps I will check out...it just kind of looked like a rehashed "Outbreak" to me.

DesoWave said...

Wow, this looks good.

Publius said...

Looks pretty good.

Taylor Pumphrey said...

Thanks for the review, been wanting to watch this.

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