I Just Watched: Thor

I just finished Thor, and during my viewing I experienced an odd sensation that happened to me to few times in the past. Its the sensation that I am experiences exact things that either A) I have thought up or B) that I want to go and do. It was very strange to happen during a comic book film as most of the time these happen with something that is at least plausible such as walking on Mars or exploring the Amazon, being shot through space in a light cannon with a weapon the weight of the sun. Its very rare that I identify so closely with a film that is not heavy traditional science fiction but the mix of Norse Mythology, Fantasy, Epic Battles, and Awe inspiring space sets has left me sorta mesmerized. By now you can tell I loved the film but find out how much after the break.

This movie really struck a chord with me. Ive always been fascinated by norse mythology and in hindsight i really should of seen this movie well before now on a large screen and maybe in 3D. But no matter ill start by saying that Marvel has managed to create another layer of the marvel cinematic universe that is grounded in the magical yet still manages to mingle well with the other films. (Iron man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and next year The Avengers.) All the other ones deal with super humans fighting on Earth but Thor managed to balance the tight rope of how to set Gods on the same level without making the other movies not matter. One question I wonder is if Thor is the thunder god why have him team up with the rest? luckily this movie allows thor to be a god yet still have weakness that will allow for several more good films. I will say that in my opinion of all the bad ass points  and bad ass characters in the film no one comes close to Heimdall the guardian of Asgard played by Idris Elba. Although his character is secondary when you see the film you truly see him as a mighty pillar of power that is wise yet knows when to speak.

The visuals of Asgard make me wish it was real so I could walk among the many mighty halls, and gaze upon the untold beauties there. The Marvel movie really takes the Norse tales and makes them modern, fantastical, and most importantly real cinematically. I loved this film and you should defiantly go check it out asap

Theatre: Yes
Download: Yes
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