I just Watched...Jesus Camp

I just watched...Jesus Camp and absolutely hated it. let me say a thing first about what makes a good documentary. The documentary should be a journey that provides information or a story and allows the viewer to feel what they want and develop a view on the topic. Jesus Camp on the other hand takes an interesting topic (evangelical Christians ) and decides to hit us over the head with a subtlety sledge hammer.

Its very interesting to see this summer camp indoctrinate children as young as five to become saved again and become warriors of christ or even a martyr. this extremist sect of christianity teaches their children to spread the word of jesus to everyone willing to listen and remake the united states as a christian state. I don't agree with christian fundamentalists and overall a large part of the documentary was extremely interesting but so many parts felt over the top cheesy and staged and the narrator hands audiences a plate with that they are supposed to get out of this film. A definite no no.

Its a bad documentary about an interesting topic so check it out but don't have any heavy objects directly around you as you may be inclined to throw them out of anger discus and pure pity.



Major.Mack said...

Yeah, i beleive i saw this, and it disgusted me. Brainwashing, Unbelievable that people actually cannot see what they are doing to their children. Not to mention, that annoying broad in there who actually spoke as though harry potter was a living breathing person. What a joke.

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