The year 2010: year of repair

Well 2010 is over.

Although everyone on every single site is wishing everyone a happy new years im going to do the opposite. 2010 for me was a year of repair, where I sought to redefine myself, what I stood for, and what I wanted in life. I battled drugs, alcohol, failure, depression, realization and countless more insignificant problems which made me not want to experience it again. I also discovered friendship, happiness, success and a sense of purpose all of which were a direct result of me being unsatisfied with the troubles affecting me and making a significant change in my life. It's only through hardship that we change and become better.

That is why 2011 for me at least will be a year of building. 
I want to work and play and succeed, all with a core purpose of moving me to where I want to be in my life and its going to be hard work but the end result will be a better life.

So as I prepare to go out and get shitfaced to ring in the new year I wish everyone a challenging new year, so that you can be tested and pushed to your limits and survive and become a better person and a more successful human bean.



Major.Mack said...

Nice. Enjoy; Happy newyear. Bout to get on it

erics said...

good luck with your journey of progressing.

Mister Sharaf said...

happy new year

Carley said...

happy challenging :)

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