I just Watched...Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

I just finished the first part of the last Harry Potter film. I personally really enjoyed the books growing up and read them all several times. I remember way back ten years ago when I heard they were planning on adapting the series into a 7part movie series I thought they were going to ruin my favourite books and take away the amazingness which was sparkled throughout them. Now that we are on the 7th and final book to be fashioned into movie glory we all have to ask our selves something...how will Harry get out of this adventure. Check out after the break to find out what I thought.

Another year at Hogwarts another Harry Potter movie which would mean another movie filled with stupid classes and boring grade school humour which I would tolerate to accelerate the plot but not this time! instead the wizarding world is at war with darkness and soon with the dark lord in power Harry Potter is on the run! I loved that fact but it reminded a bit too much like twilight with the running and battling in forests. The cinematography is outstanding and im loving the dark overtones and shallow focus with a lot of hand held shots not used in previous movies. was a very welcome change. Additionally the acting as usual was fantastic and now they are practically adults the dialogue has lost most of the cheese.



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