I just watched: Blue Valentine

Wow its been a while since ive done a movie review when in reality ive seen a lot of recent movies but just havnt had the time to do a detailed review of them. Some of them include Unknown, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part two, the Mechanic, the Machinist, Brick and Horrible Bosses just to name a few. My favorite of those ones was Brick and should defiantly be on everyone’s watched list, but back to the task at hand; Blue Valentine. My girlfriend and me watched this last night after many months of waiting for it to become available and let me say that for a drama I surprisingly loved it.

Its very rare when you watch a film that you feel like you have been taken in a box to watch normal people live their live. That is the thesis of this review that watching Blue Valentine feels like I’m watching this couples life unfold in front of me which is an odd but extremely gratifying feeling.  So real is the acting that honestly I couldn’t make the distinction where Ryan Gosland and Michelle Williams began and their characters ended. Doing research about this film afterword’s it was revealed that a technique that I like to employ more and more in my films was used for this where there is no script but a rough outline and the actors are so finely in tuned with their characters that they play it amazingly. There are definite problems with this method acting technique, as if you have shitty actors you get a shitty result but this is another good example of when it works well. If you want another well known example check out the Friday night light tv series. I hate football but love the cinematography and character acting.

This is not the usual type of movie I watch but it was so good that I loved it. Go check it out asap. That’s it I don’t need to say more.


Theatre: Yes
Download: Yes
Stream: Yes
Buy: No
Pass: No


AllenTesch said...

I've never seen it. Might try it if I have time to kill.

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