Sunday Night Recap

Okay. Its becoming very clear the Sunday Night Recap is destined for Monday morning but to change the name or not change the name...hmmm. Any who some paper work now, this wednesday at 7pm eastern we will be hosting the first official edition of the wifihighfive livestream.

So far we got; Adventure time, Regular show, Xavier Renegade Angle, New Super Jail, Metalocalypse, Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama and American Dad. So Basically a huge amount of funny adult cartoons and it should be a great night. So come out and you can watch it on wednesday night HERE

Monday May 9th 2011

Some great infocharts

Everyones favorite national improv group doing it again!

Cant wait to get there

Did you know sitting can kill you! watch out!

Wednesday May 11th 2011

Ive seen pics of these strange posters all over the net. 

Just plain crazy I think.

Ha made me squirt my milk out my nose

Starwars+Twitter= WIn
Yay for Starwars! Yay for Twitter!

Right now should be two or three great articles including a movie review of something borrowed. However as everyone knows blogger dropped the ball and some content became corrupted including my posts and will never be coming back :C

How to leave Comments on the Internet
do it from now on

Heres a handy list of things you shouldn't eat together!
such a good thing to know

Thursday May 12th 2011

Wifihighfive Livestream
feedback from the demo

Friday May 13th 2011

Wow way to go blogger
when everything was said and done I was not happy

mind blown!
Very cool visuals

creepy as fuck
Im so happy I never went to this farm when I was a kid

some very true facts
Thor is everywhere this year including the wifihighfive

Saturday May 14th 2011

If you have not seen this yet...get on it...itle be hitting the main stream markets in a couple days

Daily Game Review: Advantages of Playing Online Games
A cool article from another cool blog

go dad!
I Hope he wins.

Want to waste three minutes of your life? here ya go!

Sunday May 15th 2011

I have another vacation hotspot!
Remember when they went there in Indiana jones and transformers?

Awww what a smart dog
dogs are smart!

First Person Mirrors Edge
Some sick urban exploring

Wallpapers 47
Some of the best ive seen

Now thats some hot coffee
Says it all :D

Alright thats all for this week tune in on wednesday :D


Watchtower Corp. said...

I was able to do that when I was like 12 years old , now im too afraid

Melanie said...


Bob said...

I did that stair thing once on accident. It was more of a controlled fall.

Justin said...

Yeah I can do that but it's always by accident

Chase said...

fucking heelys

CPH said...

so win

Alpha said...

Any instructions on how to do that?

Stephen said...

Wow, that picture is awesome!

Acrylic Ingenuity said...


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