Sunday Night Recap

Bla very embarrassing that now two weeks in a row been doing the sunday night update on monday morning or should I say monday afternoon. Oh well and today I dont even have a gif for here is some skrillex so just open this up in the back yard and travel to the frontier of dup-step

Monday May 16th

A Goat accused of robbery
only in the newspaper

batman batman batman?
Who likes batman and starwars together? I know all of you do!

Question of the day: Why did the sloth cross the road
incredible movie sweeping the internet. jump on the bandwagon way too late

Interesting trance
everyone loves trance that makes you learn!

Tuesday May 17th

this badger is crazy as crack and double the smack

Made it to 50,000 views!

you wont be able to look away even as your eyes bleed!

Wednesday May 18th

Some of the stuff featured on the wifihighfive livestream

Musical Introduction
here is an essay I wrote about music

New Startours trailer!
Dammmn i want to go on this

A drinking problem
everyone has problems including little kids

America land of the Weather babes
yay for sexy girls and weather

kitten verses tennis ball
get on it get get on it

Thursday May 19th

wait that isnt yours

Friday May 20th

Conan trailer
Bet you didnt know conan had a film out :P

Be an Optimist Prime
Come on jump on it

Saturday May 21

Go go go!
One smart animal doing his thing

Rapture that
ha what we didnt all float into the sky and shit wow

Side point: 15 minutes ago it was warm and sunny outside now at 404pm it is hailing and im unable to see out my window its so windy...


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