Sunday Night Recap

hmm well Osama is dead and thats enough of that. Lets get to a busy week of wifihighfive!

 Sunday April 24 2011

hung over sundays
What an amazing proposal

fun link of the day: Disney Movies
Some cool disney links!

Its willy nelsons poo that give it that glow
A cool trailer for upcoming indie film Our Idiot Brother

Monday April 25th 2011

wow my tooth hurts
Yeah me bitching about my sore tooth

Tuesday April 26th 2011

NSFW I think?
Oh wow NSFW

! This really grinds my gear !: The Power of Momentum in Your Life
I just found a really cool article about the power of momentum in ones life!

Question of the day: What is he saying?
What is this creepy picture saying!

Question of the day: Livestream
Im setting up a Livestream. give me some feedback

Wednesday April 27th 2011

What is that in the waves....OMFG SWIM FOR YOUR LIFE
what a cool picture!

Immortals trailer
New trailer for the film Immortals

New Green Lantern Trailer
Title describes all

works every time
Ice cold hoth

finally the last harry potter movie
wow so many trailers today

Thursday April 28th 2011

Impressive, most impressive
neat cloud

I though Obama was legit :(
awww After just seeing his speech about Bin Laden i wish i hadn't posted this

Cool pics with pencil parts
half and half

Fun link of the day: wow learning is fun
hey want to learn about dark matter?

Some kind of royal wedding?
psst im prince william

Friday April 29 2011

New transformers trailer
transformers dark of the moon trailer

You dog Yoda
yay for yoda

The Royal Wedding
I was up at 6am watching the royal wedding. Were you?

500 followers! help me get to 1000!

Saturday April 30th 2011

holy jello!
can you say slow mo jello?

Sunday May 1st 2011

Fun link of the day: EAT THE MUFFIN

hey have you heard of Charlie Veitch
what is this? Nazi Germany?

trippy lippy
One of the most amazing videos ive ever seen!


gman said...

sooo many links!

Lunarchy said...

What a crazy day! +follow

Intraman said...

awesome stuff!!

Penguin Tamer said...

Entertainment overload!

Anonymous said...

I almost feel guilty for even acknowledging this statement because it is keeping the conversation about Osama going but...

I liked what you said, "thats enough of that."

Alpha said...

That kid must've seriously needed to cool off.

CandleintheDark said...

Good stuff! I never get that kid though

Paulie Pecans said...

So many wonderful links, so little time.

Erika said...

Looks like a younger version of coppercab... =s

cadexn said...

hahahaha ice cream on face - too much heat!

Pony said...

Haha good stuff.

Anonymous said...

lol funny

Fortune said...

hahaha the .gif. Wow

Ill said...


James said...

Time well spent i must say!

Michael said...

Thanks for these links mate - very good list

Anonymous said...

I will have to say that I have put ice cream on my face to cool off. -.-

Apostle Triad said...

Well Osama is in a better place I suppose lol.

The Aqua Spider Bat Man That Is Also Really Super said...

I like that ice cream kid gif.

Nom de Plume said...

lol wtf is that kid doing?

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