I just Watched...A Town Called Panic

Omfg. My brain is mush. This film is like an hour long childs toy commercial gone insanely amazing. If you like Tim and Eric, or Adventure Time or anything on Adult Swim you need to check out A Town Called Panic NOW! So the story is about a toy cowboy a toy indian and a toy horse who go on a crazy adventure. It sounds stupid but it is perhaps one of the most well crafted stop motion films ive ever seen. What are you doing!! download it now

Theater: OMFY
Download: Yes
Stream: Yes
Buy: Yes
Pass: No


The Dawg said...

This movie seems totally weird and awesome. I want to see it!

baka1236 said...

i would totally watch this. I love adventure time soo much and i think this would be just as funny

Melanie said...

Awesome...checking out!

JamieGraham09 said...

This looks crazy o.0 .. looks worth a check out though :P

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