Wallpapers 44

deadpool would swim a billion miles for a taco

A great wallpaper of jonsi. If you recall this cd was my pick for cd of the month in january!

yay for lego and starwars

a beautiful morning

not completely sure what this is..other than its pretty radical

mastodon for the win

Well its that time when I must delete some of my collection to create new ones!
before they go take a look you might be surprised LINK, LINK, LINK


mac-and-me said...

i like the deadpool wallpaper :)

Erika said...

Wet taco? No thanks.

Oh wait... I get it.... o.o

Suza said...

no :@ you gotta follow the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and what is a 'jump'?? ie, after the jump? I seen it on a few blogs now :/

Zip said...

Ahh. Love the Star Wars one.

Melanie said...

so the little kid from the cover of nirvana's "nevermind" was really deadpool as a baby and would rather swim for tacos instead of cash now?

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