Sunday Night Recap

I know the time says its monday but its late so just pretend that its sunday. long week with some pretty good content!

Monday April 18th 2011
Never try to Garry Busey a film project. it doesn't work
A short essay about the trials and tribulations of making a film

Fun link of the day: neat music machine
Music making links

The future is today :D
Cool commercial about bionics

Tuesday April 19th 2011
Question of the day: China time
they keep getting bigger and stronger how will we stop them

Wednesday April 20th 2011
365 Reasons to Kill Yourself: Day 29
great post by my friend on his blog this time about dreams

Its so fucken true :D
Fuck spiders

Best eight minutes of the day!
An amazing video featuring some amazing legos

everyones 420 wishlist

silly seagull
Ha what a silly seagull

Friday April 22nd
Easter Friday
whats next for the intrepid film maker

friday fun
that cat can fly like no other

Saturday April 23rd
1001 Movie Quotes
My new blog 1001 Movie Quotes, check it out


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