Sunday Night Recap

Hey guys decided to have a weekly recap for everything and anything! If there are any budding artists out there interested in making a graphic for me would be pretty sick :D untill then this is what you guys get  :P

Sunday April 10th
Great doc about a great angry man :D

Some earth friendly and social friendly Ideas

Monday April 11th
A great post from a friend of mine that has some true and funny life lessons

just cant take Batman seriously anymore

Tuesday April 12th
I can not tell you how many hours I spent years ago intoxicated on this site

Wednesday April 13th
I think this might be what happened to the Dinosaurs. Prove me wrong science

I never want to actually walk along and see this ever

Thursday April 14th 
A great 10 minute behind the scenes video from the set of Peter Jacksons The Hobbit

Thank you SikBitz for this internet gem

Ah gary fucken busey

Friday April 15th
Bunny actually is on its way over as I type this!

Some of the best not going to lie

Saturday April 16th
making hotdogs for breakfast
yeah pretty self explanitory

thank you lindsay

wow check out of this pic
Awesome oil painting :D

Even luke skywalker need beer to stop the empire


tigey said...

Seems that you had so much fun, I gotta do some of the things you did too

Potholderz said...

Just started following so this thanks for the recap, it'll let me catch up on what i've missed. Thanks.

Morde said...

Love me a good falcon punch.

Justsayin' said...

Good recap, I think the lady in the pic needs a laxative :D said...

Ok seriously. The more I stare at that picture, the more I laugh. It's like hypno-crack. I love it.

Jim said...

Her reaction is priceless.

lacrosseman said...

haha epic

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