I Just watched...Waking Sleeping Beauty

I just watched Waking Sleeping Beauty a full length documentary about the second renascence of Disney Animation. This time during the early 90s resulted in major shake-ups in Disney overall and radical changes in the traditional Disney Animation Studios. This feature doc does something rare for historical docs and uses only footage shot during the time period. Did it work or not? Find out after the break!

When you ask my generation what their favorite Disney movies are the same ones keep poping up. The lion king, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast are always high on peoples lists, and they all occurred during the early 90s when the change in Disney management meant that once again money, technology and media were centered around Disney animation.

The end products were wondrous but the path there was littered with management battles and a new guard of young Disney animators eager to push the boundary of animation. All this is presented as if you are actually seeing it while its happening as all the historical footage is from the time period. It’s a large risk yet they pull it off! Def check out Waking Sleeping Beauty!

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Major.Mack said...

never seen this one.....my daughter loves the disney bluray one though :)

Anonymous said...

Ironic that Disney was a scumbag..

Patti D. said...

it sounds like a very interesting documentary, will try and find it

ScottD said...

very true. I never heard of this documentary. Sounds real interesting will have to watch it.

Les said...

Those movies hold a fond place in my memories. I'm going to have to see this

Justsayin' said...

Sounds interesting.

mac-and-me said...

never saw it

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