I Just watched...I'm Still here

I just watched I’m Still Here staring Joaquin Phoenix.
I really don’t know how to start talking about this film or movie or doc or whatever it is, im not really sure how to classify something of this… character. Right now I have quite strong feelings about this video I watched so after the break we will hear whats to say about I’m Still Here.

Okay in this piece of work we get to watch Joaquin Phoenix plummet from the top of actor hood to become a real shitty rapper. That sounds like a fun story and I completely agree as when it was out at Sundance last year it was the talk of the town and of several of the film sites I follow.  However one thing kept coming up over and over; people thought it was a hoax and I understand completely now.  I kid you not every fifteen minutes in this film someone ask Joaquin if his career change is a hoax and every time he gets pissy.

SERIOUSLY! You followed this guy with cameras for two years and the best footage is people asking him if this is all a hoax! This point threw me over the edge because why include that to put doubt about your product your releasing. That’s like having a movie that you say isn’t about elephants and then every ten minutes elephants is brought up randomly! Its just fucken retarded that if you have all this content and the best stuff is Joaquin freaking when people ask him if it’s a hoax means your story is shit. When I watched this I got angry and yelled at the screen a couple times at the retarded editing just like im doing now.

Okay on to Joaquin Phoenix. Hes a fuck up. What kind of rational person would actually think oh I can just change career and just be the best at the other one! There are few actors/musicians that make it big and most of them come from music to acting like 50 cent or Justin Timberlake. Going the other way is hard such as Bruise Willis  but Joaquin Phoenix thinks that all you need is fame not money, skills nothing. That he can just ride on your name and people will love you.

This movie had me pulling out my hair the entire way through and From him on stage bumbling through rapping to him snorting coke and freaking out it’s a sloppy mess of a doc. I regret getting hyped about this movie and I regret watching it.

Theater: No
Download: No
Stream: No
Buy: No
Pass: Yes


Christophe said...

The trailer for this was really I remember. The one about the water droplet. I wanted to see it really bad because I love Joaquin Phoenix, but I'm glad I didn't see it especially after I found out it was fake. And even more because it's so shitty apparently. :/

Kingmush said...

Haven't heard much about this movie but do recognize the poster. Seemed interesting but after reading your review I see how those flaws can really break the movie. Doubt I'll take the time to watch it. Nice review.

Prototape said...

I'm glad I've never wasted the time with this movie. I was admittedly interested, but once I heard it was a hoax I avoided it completely. The only enjoyment I would have gotten out of it would be to see him fall on his ass.

Isaac said...

I agree, this movie is total crap

Tasos said...

Oh man....that's a strong review. You have the same emotions as me when I watched 'Buried'. I regret watching that piece of shit

Ottercation said...

But it IS a hoax -_-


I saw this, in a cinema, with a friend who threatened to leave on several occasions. But she's a sensitive creature, so it's understandable.

By no means is this a "good" film, but the questioning of celebrity actions has it's appeal, when you step back and look at the piece as a whole; i hesitate to say "it's more than a film," but in a sense, it really is. Celebrity gets away with complete murder these days, and all this is doing is seeking to exaggerate and exploit that. Much like, say, Spinal Tap did. Though it was much more amusing than this was. Look at it as a living, breathing, celebirty news site or magazine. Why are we concerned with their doings? What makes us so drawn to them? Phoenix and Affleck played into their hands every step of the way, and the audience bought it. Or more, spent every last breath questioning if it were indeed a hoax. For me, that's a very basic way to absorb the world. Nothing is quite so binary. No film should be a simple like/dislike, or real/hoax.

Having said all of that, i concur with your review. The film is a complete mess from head to toe. There is little to recommend about the actual film. In fact, no doubt discussing the film is more intriguing than any part of it's content. Although, the near endless waltz of Phoenix winding his way through the river of his childhood, is magnificent. It was hilarious to me how drawn out that sequence was, as if to further punish it's audience.

Even so, see Andy Kaufman for better examples of messing with an audition :P

Anyway, thanks for sharing and giving me something to ramble on about ^_^

Mister Sharaf said...

great post

A Hermit said...

Hadn't heard of it, so I'll probably miss it based on your review

Thatoneguy said...

I knew it would suck.

Melanie said...

thank you for saving me some time!

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