I Just watched...Rango

I just watched Rango, the animated animal western staring Johny Depp as the title Chameleon character who gets stuck in the western desert and is the city of Dirt’s only hope to survive a deadly drought. Does this movie push the boundary of filmmaking or fall on its face in the dirt? Find out after the break!

This movie is super adorable yet super secretive. Its marketed as a kids film but is in fact a well crafted majestic journey for any western lover wishing to re live the class days of the man with no name. All the computer animation is incredibly well polished and the voice acting is second to none. However the real champion of this film is how cliché this movie is.

 You may be thinking wait Derrick usually that is a terrible thing! Not true when it’s a period piece your talking about and although it dosnt say it on the surface this truly is based on the classic westerns of the Clint Eastwood era and is in fact the perfect period piece.

So its cliché and this time it’s a really good thing. Go check it out if you like Clint or Classic Westerns or am just in the mood for a great Animated flick

Theater: No
Download: Yes
Stream: Yes
Buy: No
Pass: No


Christophe said...

I really enjoyed this movie. I felt that it definitely picked up the pace in the second half, but I was also really surprised by the amount of gun violence in the movie. I'm not at all surprised that parents wanted the rating raised. Still, a very enjoyable movie. Johnny Depp is always great.

Thatoneguy said...

Sounds like a decent movie. May check it out.

Stuck In Syndey said...

NEver heard of it. Gees you guys in the states get all the good stuff.

mac-and-me said...

gonna watch this just for johnny

Syida said...

Sound good...gonna watch this movie...thanks for this info.

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