Hey guys. Im about half way done my three weeks of production hell..lets all take a look at my schedual!

Film 313
Film 313 second project
Studio Five Green Screen
Studio Five Foley Studio

To do
Finish Animation sets
Finish Animation characters
Sound for Lighting project
Edit/ Colour 313 project
Perform with Band on friday
Direct Final Documentary
Finish Faw

A bit lopsided but whatever. Heres my last project that I filmed last fall for The Windsor Film Festival 48 Hour Film Fest: Bitter


JapRoulette said...

Cool stuff!

Bodhran said...

A week and a half for all that stuff? Good luck!

mac-and-me said...

that is quite impressing!

Suza said...

Woahhh I like the movie!!

doomsday said...

good luck to you sir!

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