Question of the day:My Hero

Well lots of people came out yesterday and voted to see which science fiction universe would be brought to life with my amazing machine and half of you came to the glorious decision that id be dope to live in the star wars universe! great decision guys! 

As much as it would be cool to be a brown coat, travel through the star gate or bring peace to the federation I always feel that having a lightsaber, a galaxy of adventures and timeless heros and villains is defiantly my first choice, and also for whatever reason i think id be one of the lucky people with the force. Todays question is more of a personal one:

Who is one of your heros?

One of my personal heros is maverick billionaire Richard Brandson. He has fun and does what he wants while still working harder than any other man. He's in the upper league of Derricks heros...whos in yours?


ScottD said...

OJ is my hero. He can kill 2 people and leave dna at the seen and get away with it.

muckyourself said...

my dad :P

Crose said...

Branson is great. He may be full of himself, but he deserves it

Suza said...

My hero is Anton Krupicka - he is a crazy ultramarathonner and ran his first marathon when he was 12, finishing in 3:50. I mention the time, as that is faster than I could dream of, and he was TWELVE!!
Plus he has crazy long hair and runs without shoes

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