Question of the day: to the ends of the Earth!

Kay gentlemen and ladies i have a question for you today! Which of these extreme places on this lovely marble floating through space would you most want to go to?

A) The Top of Mount Everest
B) The Exotic Island of Madagascar
C) The Undersea World of the Great Barrier Reef
D) The Majestic Castles of Germany
E) Your Backyard

These are some of the exotic locations on my bucket list even though that this list isn't technically written down anywhere. Maybe I should get on that and post it.


Les said...

Why do you want to go to my backyard?

mac-and-me said...

F) The Arctic and search for the Mountains of Madness

Prototape said...

Probably D.

Suza said...

I predict amazing weather this week, so you are welcome to visit our backyard whenever you want! :)

I would go to all of those places!

Christophe said...

Madagascar or Germany. Hard to choose.

Kingmush said...

Madagascar for sure, love tropical fauna.

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