Wallpapers 43

Its a rainy sunday. And tomorrow begins a busy week of shooting so this might be one of the last posts for the next couple days at least. So enjoy them and wish me luck this busy week :D

Very simple. very bubbly

Looks a lot like a shot from my friends lighting class shoot however his were much more yellow.

Theres a sham rock in there if you look closely!

I would not want to meet this guy in a dark ally or dark forest, or anywhere dark.

Not sure if she's good or bad...I think she might lay in between them somewhere

No one fucks with the un dead vikings

An amazing train yard. so industrial so beautiful 



Thatoneguy said...

Cool pictures man. Post more.

Christophe said...

That train station one is amazing. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

i like you and your wallpapers ;)

Patti D. said...

some awesome wallpapers, thanks!!!

mac-and-me said...

great ones!

Lenny said...

looks awesome!

ScottD said...

train yard is awesome!

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