Album of the Month...March 2011

March is upon us. The snow is melting and every day nature returns to the area and begins to grow for the summer months. Also released on March 1st 2011 was March’s months album of the month ‘The Collective’ by Scale The Summit. A Huston based progressive metal group of young prodigies, Scale the Summit have been redefining the genre of Progressive Metal with radical melodies and complex rhythms; their strings are their voices and for only the cost of admission you to can check them out after the break.

Four years ago I discovered Scale the Summit as they toured their previous CD Carving Desert Canyons supporting big name acts like Dream Theater and Between The Buried and Me. Before both shows I saw them at, people were asking each other who are these guys who got such amazing opening acts with such promenade names? Then when they would come on stage everyone’s jaw would hit the floor as a bunch of 24 year olds blew everyone’s mind away with a new musical Genre which I refered to once as Adventure Metal. Scale the Summit takes Progressive Metal to the Extreme while mixing in Fusion Jazz, and even some Djent to have a sound that is unlike any other band.

The Collective takes their previous releases on a ride to the top of maturity. The complex chord progressions and interlaced solos are still there but this time the song writing has less of an edgy tone to it and instead works better within each complex melody.  Many people like myself have labeled them as adventuring metal, a journey in each song in each riff in each album…to where? No one knows…but hopefully one day we will all reach it and be in joy. Check out “The Collective” out now!


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