Wallpapers 0031

One of my Favourites. I worte a spec script about this character and feel that it would be very interesting concept for a short.

A modern glass wall

Happy saint patties day. I hope the luck of the Irish is with you

One of my original wallpapers that adorned my old pc

Another oldie but a goodie

One thing the nazis did well was make kick ass medals. everything else..not so much. 

BTW id like to address how I have 4-5 nazi wallpapers in my collection. I think what the nazis did in WW2 was horrendous and was a unspeakable horror show everyday. Some Alt Art about them however is kinda interesting.

A cool iron man type robot

lol iron man

I love my starwars and i love it with it's a trap

I also love lego


Les said...

Good aesthetics and moral fortitude don't have to correlate.
That first wallpaper is pretty rad, and I'm definitely going to have to use it.

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Nobody feels they have to apologize for cyberman wallpapers.

Anonymous said...

The first wallpaper reminds me of the skull kid from zelda for some reason...maybe I'm seeing things because I played it too much lol

Suzanad said...

they are all pretty cool :)

erics said...

really digging the iron-man like iron man.

Vague Raconteur said...

iron man type robot is a British thing, a cyberman from Doctor Who.

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