last fm details

1st track:Firewind-Fire07 Jun 2007
5000th track:Rush-Natural Science16 Sep 2007
10000th track:Muse-Ruled By Secrecy05 Oct 2008
15000th track:Slayer-Threshold05 Jan 2009
20000th track:Mastodon-This Mortal Soil31 Mar 2009
25000th track:Royal Academy of Music Symphon-Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite30 May 2009
30000th track:Rush-Something for Nothing09 Aug 2009
35000th track:Vehemence-Alone in Your Presence02 Dec 2009
40000th track:Baroness-Cockroach En Fleur16 Feb 2010
45000th track:Mouth of the Architect-Generation of ghosts13 Jul 2010


level85nerd said...

Hm... interesting or boring? :D:D

Brandon said...

I don't recognize some of these bands, couple good ones that I do recognize though

shahidj said...

something for nothing is one of my fav songs

Lemmiwinks said...

kewl, lol. Followin you

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